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Spiritual Roots
Interpretation of dreams is a key to the Kingdom of God

God’s People 21st Century

The new age of the Kingdom is coming in to replace the church as the engine of Christian government.

The Difference Between

Being Right does not Make You Righteous

It is my lot in life to read many theologians.  Like God’s great universe they are diverse, multiplying like fruit flies in August.  They are

The Thinker

How Do You Know what You Know

Holy Spirit directed information is especially helpful to you because it empowers you to apprehend situations and truths when others do not.

Applied Christianity

Why Soldier Suicides

As thousands of soldiers waited in New York City in 1943 for the troop transports for Europe they saw the rousingly popular musical Oklahoma! and

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Personal Relationships

When You Want To Know Why Who, What, When, And Where Is Basic Education. How Is Technical Education. Why Is Truth. That Is What We Do Here.

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