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Write Your Future in the Snow

This December we had nine inches of snow.  It was like a blank sheet of white paper on which we could write our future.  The dirt and the past were covered over. What are we going to do in 2020? We have a chance to save our angry world from the

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The Bible Speaks to the Election Crisis of 2020

Jesus prophesied thousands of years ago – the increasing lawlessness of American society and His return. We’ve been talking about it for 70 years and now that it is here – surprise, surprise. “You will be hated of all nations.” he said. That includes the USA. Matthew 24:9. “Evil doers

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God eventually reaches everyone

What about the People who Never Hear about God

Obedience to the revealed will of God is the standard by which each of us is ultimately judged. How can He do this? God is not unfair. If you have little information and little faith that is what you are expected to utilize in your search for God. To whom more is given, more is expected.

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Millions at the Judgment

God is Judging Sheep & Goat Nations

It is God’s mercy that men and nations face judgment now. It may be that it saves them from a more disastrous fate after death. Also, judgment interrupts the evil that is being poured on a luckless citizenry.

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Bitterness in the heart of Man

Unforgiveness and Sickness

Isolation from the Body of Christ can and does lead to misery, and sickness so  caution about your words is best lest in the end you must eat them. The message of this passage is, examine yourself, not others.

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Holy Spirit as Unifier

Back in 2008 when I was a missionary in China that nation suffered an earthquake which took over 1/4 million lives. When I returned to the States I learned that a well-known California family lost their adopted Chinese child through a freak accident around that same time. The Lord showed

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Brother vs. brother

Eternal Security vs. Eternal Insecurity

Hebrews 13:5 I will never leave you or forsake you. Jesus said this. We can be sure He meant it, but that does not mean we may not end up in hell. In fact some individuals who have been to hell and back (it doesn’t happen often) tell us Jesus

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Spiritual Roots
Now in top 100 books on Amazon

Amazon Trashed My Book Review

Men’s systems could touch the church and her members, but the secular world has no way to handle the Kingdom people who march to a spiritual drummer, unseen and unheard by the world.

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