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No the Law saves no One

When the Law Becomes Your God

Even a small child knows when he is sodomized that this is evil on the throne, even though he has no word to describe it because he is not old enough to have the language to match the act.

Spiritual Roots

It’s not Politics – It’s The Enemy Within

Hundreds of foreign and domestic people involved in election fraud and other crimes

The Difference Between

The Difference between Being Born Again & Being Saved

we also have no right to tell people they are born again when they are not.

Being Right does not Make You Righteous

It is my lot in life to read many theologians.  Like God’s great universe they are diverse, multiplying like fruit flies in August.  They are

Applied Christianity

I Found the (missing) Church

In addition to all the churches you see regularly there is the video-based church which is huge.

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3% of my readers live in China

How can this be? I am pleased.

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Personal Relationships

God promises judgment October 2021

God’s judgment on political systems worldwide is coming in October 2021

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The many-sided Donald Trump

9-27-21 Prophecy to Donald J Trump

Prophet tells Trump to move quickly to set things right.

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