2022 Year of Reckoning

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Definition of reckoning

1: the act or an instance of reckoning: such as

  • c: calculation of a ship’s position
  • 2: a settling of accounts day of reckoning
  • 3: a summing up

PAYDAY coming for many people involved in crime, worldwide.

According to the Prophets, we can anticipate the following:

  • Unusual storms, earthquakes, weather events, whirlwinds
  • Re-evaluation of currency
  • Compete change in monetary system, possibly crypto-coin
  • President Trump returns to office
  • Constitutional crisis, how to handle fraudulent election
  • Exposure of worldwide crime syndicate involving child sexual exploitation, crimes and even ritual sacrifice
  • Exposure of hidden criminals in government, industry, business, education and religious institutions. (Some of this is happening already and not being widely reported.)
  • End of some media giants (esp. CNN)
  • Many new Congress-people, male and female, many resignations
  • Additional states investigating election fraud
  • Exposure of drug money fueling election costs
  • More whistle blowers will surface
  • Medical profiteering
  • DNA tampering

The following video has been blocked by many of the fake news venues but this will explain most of the items I listed above. God is managing a worldwide platform of reform, exposure, and change.


The underground news systems still work very well so much of what is discussed is now fairly common knowledge except for those people who get their information from major newspapers and the cable news networks. Some of these media will die as well. With no tears or weeping.


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Statement of Faith: “Doctrines of men” crept into formal Christianity. This blog sources the Holy Bible, all versions and translations, which are almost identical. Other resources are quoted when they agree with the Word. We believe in the complete accuracy of the Bible when it is properly understood.  Since much of the prophetic words of scriptures has yet to come to pass, we throw nothing out, until it is proven wrong in experience and revelation of believers.  Opinions and doctrines which poo-pooh some portions of the Bible are not recognized as valid Christian theology.

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