A Nation of Murderers & the Felony Murder Rule for Abortion Funders

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The Felony Murder Rule

Most citizens know nothing about the felony Murder Rule so here it is:

The rule of felony murder is a legal doctrine in some common law jurisdictions that broadens the crime of murder: when an offender kills (regardless of intent to kill) in the commission of a dangerous or enumerated crime (called a felony in some jurisdictions), he/she is guilty of murder.

Here is an example: If you go with a friend to steal cookies from the corner grocery store and a murder occurs as you commit the crime, there you are, a co-respondent to the charge of murder.

To pay for an abortion makes you a co-respondent to murder

This describes our position before God is regards to abortion. Yes, abortion was made legal by our highest court, a court which is now disgusted with the rampant abuse of the option. But the Congress likes to fund abortions with tax money, so you, if you pay taxes, become guilty under the Laws of God for a murder. God’s public anger over the killing of babies goes back 4,000 years.

There is nothing that says abortion is any worse than any other sin; Jesus paid it all, but he only paid it for the people who recognize his sacrifice and accept its conditions. All sin is to be publicly and personally acknowledged. You have no permission to blame anyone else for your sin.

Americans do not recognize their guilt

America needs to examine what our citizens have done from the viewpoint of God’s concerns.  We need a call for national repentance by financing wholesale murder like this. The laws of man and the laws of God continue whether we know them or not.

Abortion Funding is the Key

Pro-choice activists fear the the Supreme Court will eliminate abortion entirely.  That is a distant idea The real issue is the removal of all public funding for abortion which absolves the public from being “murderers.”  To remove abortion funding from the national budget is a first step.  If individuals want an abortion, currently determined to be legal, they should be required to pay for it themselves and not saddle other people with the guilt of their own behavior.

This is not a complete answer to the abortion problem, but it is a start.

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