'All things work together for good' – even the Coronavirus.

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Cover-up did not stay covered up.

China scolds Danish cartoonist for blaming them for the virus epidemic. Chinese communists do not like criticism and truth. Chinese leaders covered up the importance of the virus in January, not wanting to prevent 300 million holiday workers to return home for festivities and travel internationally. This wasted time allowed the epidemic to spread worldwide.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

This verse is frequently misquoted. Others misquote “all things are good.” Clearly that is not true. But God can take a lemon and make lemonade.

Most nations across the globe closed their borders, and the people confined behind those borders are asking questions. Incompetence and failure to provide food, medicine, hospitals, test kits, and the myriad other things one needs in a crisis are now found wanting.

For decades bad governments everywhere blamed “America” for every
thing that went wrong, or President Bush, or now President Trump. But America had no hand in this virus business and they know it. Their own governments now stand exposed, and to blame.

Iran is already unstable

Iran, for example, paid crowds in the street to shout “Death to America” every time there was a crisis. Incompetent leaders hide behind unreachable enemies so they will not be forced to change. This is the national equivalent of a child saying, “My teacher hates me.”

Iran is a major trading partner with China because they have few economic ties to the USA. So the citizens now turn their eyes inward on a religious dictatorship which is rife with corruption and loss of credibility. And that is good.

China requires public goodwill

China is teetering because of the protesting Hong Kongers have not gone away. The Tibetians who staunchly continue to refuse to integrate after their nation was snatched; Mongolians have another additional 70 years of resentment for their lands being taken away as well as the infamous slaughter of Uighurs,  Falun Gong, and Christian religious groups. China’s communist dictatorship promises happiness, prosperity and total control.  But they can’t control this disease. 

The Chinese believe that major unplanned, uncontrollable  events, such as  earthquakes are a sign “from heaven” that the leadership is no longer acceptable to “god” whoever that might be.  Leaders in China claim the mandate of heaven.”  Mao Zedong, the cruel master whose foolish policies resulted in the deaths of 30 million people was ousted after a major earthquake.  We can expect the present leadership to be gone in the future. 

Also gone might be hundreds of China-based American companies who do not want further disruption of the supply chain and bring their companies back home.

(Rumor has it this virus was intended to be spread in the USA to take out China’s main economic foe. Can anyone say “Karma”?)

The virus ended that. I suspect we’ll see the communists attempt to regain power and stumble. The fall of Communism will bless billions of people worldwide.

South Africa has deteriorated

South Africa is near collapse from corruption. The ruling party (ANC) borrowed heavily from foreign governments which cash assets went directly into the pockets of political leaders. Food, jobs, and tools are in short supply, but not looting and crime. Rail links and power plants are all in disrepair.

South African white farmers have been murdered in their homes, even though the killers have no clue how to farm. South Africa is rich in resources but China has been drawing minerals and other precious export materials away for their own industries. China will soon dump South Africa as being unlivable.

South America continues to have troubled areas.

Columbia has a long history of corruption and drugs. Venezuela lost workers, jobs, public confidence and supplies. Yemen and North Korea might as well be death camps. Thailand is completely dominated by Chinese political correctness and there is not a single word coming out from there even though this nation is a popular vacation spot.

Day workers suffer especially

Finally, children and parents are now confined to their homes. Parents find out what the kids are learning in school. They may not be that happy about it. They may even find that home schooling is better. This virus will see worldwide change wave over nation and nation and family after family, with many changes.The poor in the third world nations live day to day and their work has been largely cut off. We’ll see consequences for decades due to this virus.

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