The Faith of Christopher Hitchens by Larry Taunton

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I’m not sure what I expected when I started this small, readable book. The Faith of Christopher Hitchens

faith of hitchens coverEveryone has heard of aggressive anti-God spokesman, Christopher Hitchens, but I never had much interest in what he said.  More than anything I thought anyone who spent his life discussing someone or something that did not exist was amusing palaver. And since you cannot prove a negative, also a waste of time.  There is no way to prove your position so why bother? I watched from afar.

Taunton did not disappoint. I can see why he was Christopher’s friend.  He is an exact opposite, not kicking up dust or being theatrical, being logical throughout and treating the man as though he had a true friend, someone who would listen without being  judgmental.  He allowed the man to be himself without letting Hitchens know this.

Atheism has no underpinnings.  It is based on an absence of evidence to prove its point consequently devotees must revert to ad hominum remarks.  It is not fair to blame God for Christianity, Judaism or the Old Testament wars.  It is not provable that hell, which you don’t believe in, is endless drunken parties with your friends.  If you don’t believe that option, you  might as well believe it is endless misery too. Not believing something means we have no set of rules on judging the true from false.

It is not possible to prove that heaven is a glorious existence of love, acceptance and peace.  It is not possible because you don’t believe it at all.  But having NOT believed neither have you knowledge of the real  heaven, hell, God , Jesus, and the word-promises of this very personal God to His People.  The ones who have an option are those who do believe by faith, and yes, with reservations but at least with an open mind and heart. I came away from this book thinking atheists must believe in God to be so rabidly against Him.

The atheist has a closed mind and so he must analyze everything he discusses using only secular evidence.  The spirit world, if accessed at all can only be at the occult level, in other words, with the demonic. I have to wonder about so called intellectuals can waste so much energy being NOT a part of something.  Alice in Wonderland makes more sense than this.

Atheism is an “all about me” theology based on personal preferences or an anecdotal life.  I shudder to think this is the theology of today Millennials, raised on identity crises, and having no foundation in anything other than secular humanism, except for believing homes.

Humanism destroys Christianity because it keeps God inside time, and does not recognize the spiritual origins of man and God.  You have a pre-history before you get here, you have a life on Earth-time, then move on to post history.  The Theist confines himself and his understanding to only one of these three time divisions.

Hitchens when he said he did not believe in God at age 15 slammed the mental door on anything involving this world of the spirit.  God must be worshiped in spirit and in truth.  We must believe who He is, that is, God as Creator (it is a very simple door to open) and that He is a rewarder of those who love him.  Another pretty easy demand. (Hebrews 11:6)

Hitch and his pals look at the results of man’s systems and call it the reason they can’t believe in God.  Whopps – there they go again, blaming something that doesn’t exist.

Taunton does not tell us Hitchens accepted salvation. He leaves it up in the air, but he knew, and we the believing community knows that we did everything in our human power to show him the right way to start rethinking his life…….and death. And that is all God asks of us.

Larry Taunton said that Christopher had 2 sets of books.  I wonder, now that his bill to God must be paid, which set of books he paid him from?

The Faith of Christopher Hitchens

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the mind of the atheist.

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