BSD – the Ultimate in Anti-Semitism

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One of my favorite singers – such a Voice. “It is in the quiet crucible of your personal, private sufferings, that your noblest dreams are born, and God’s greatest gifts are given in compensation of what you’ve been through”

Boycotts stop Here

Christians have a responsibility to end the boycott of Israel and the Jews. Our savior is  a Jew.  Our Bible was largely written by Jews, New Testament included. The common law for the majority of the Western world is based on the Mosaic Law.  Our United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights are a reflection of the best of Judeo-Christian behavior, vision and goals.

People who are killing Jews, or trying to, are now publicly trying to kill or silence Christians, both in the public culture and from the White House and the culture of the administration of both Joe Biden and his mentor, Barak H. Obama.  Jews and Christians have been increasingly the enemy of the United States Democrat party.

The Party does this by blaming them for all the economic ills and insisting that taxes and other rights and income belong only to them and their followers.

Zimbabwe as an Example

If you want to see what happens if you follow this theology (I use theology because it is a case where money is their god) look at the nation of Zimbabwe.  They drove off the farmers, either by killing them or forcing them to leave, and they took over the land because they all wanted land and all that money they would get by selling food.

They forgot something.  Not one of the rioters knew how to farm.  The result was no food, the farmers left the country and no one could eat.  That poor nation became the trash can of Africa.

Yes, it can happen here; it can happen to your country too. Meanwhile, God will repay His Jews for their suffering, personally and privately.

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16 Responses

  1. To cscree: Did you really write this? If so, we seriously need to have a discussion to pull more clarity from this. It seems to need some “surgical” editing or much misinterpretation will result. Such sweeping generalizations and “definitions” are alarming. I am a registered Democrat, really Independent, and also interested in theology, and also — last but not the least — Christian, and I need to know what you mean about Obama and “his culture” and the White House. mje
    On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 12:51 PM, Would You Consider? wrote:
    > ccree posted: “Christians have a responsibility to end the boycott of > Israel and the Jews. Our savior is a Jew. Our Bible was largely written > by Jews, New Testament included. The common law for the majority of the > Western world is based on the Mosaic Law. Our US Con” >

  2. Yes I wrote this. When I see you next I will show you some documentation. The TV stations, NY Times and Washington Post have not allowed this information to get out. Their motives are their business. As a judge would say, the preponderance of the evidence.” But as for the internet crawlers, we have lots of information. I would suggest that you subscribe on facebook to JewsNews. They have a great deal on this topic. The White House culture is both anti-Jew and anti-Christian.

    1. Perhaps you can explain to me why so many Jews apparently will vote for Hillary who even on her best day is anti-Semitic. And her money bags donors, e.g. Saudis, are even worse.

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