To Defund Police – The Rationale

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I Look to You

The smallest child always wants to know Why?

Several states, the Media, and many leading spokespeople for five months generated fear in the public mind, and endorsed a mass of restrictive measures that make no sense. The Covid-19 rules trapped healthy people behind masks while those with the disease roam free, the exact opposite of what one could reasonably expect when disease is abroad in the land.

Some leaders seek to enact nationwide socialism – that is government control of everyone and everybody – using this pandemic to fight the problems of society in irrational ways. These irrational solutions are more prevalent in Democrat controlled states with large populations that are partly or poorly educated in American history and polity, as well as those leaders with a personal ax to grind. After all, you cannot ask people to eradicate racism if all you ever talk about is racism, and have riots connected to racism? So the very problems these groups seek to abolish are the very problems they reflect.

Where does this come from? The Bible – as always – has the answer.

Psalm 50:21 These things you have done, and I kept silent; You thought that I was altogether like you.”

Here God addresses human beings who think that because they believe or act one way, God is just like them. On the contrary, God is exactly NOT like man, although His long-range plan for us is that we learn how to be more like him.

God is not ruled by fear.

But unbelievers are. He does not look on the outside skin color, He looks on the heart. He does not think protests, riots, and looting solves problems; they cause more problems. And most importantly, God knows that man has an evil streak which must come under discipline. And until that actually happens, societies need police, armies and laws in authority.

What bad leadership tells us is that (1) they do not believe man has any evil nature (2) that man, when left to his own devices is innately good, a doctrine of humanism now taught in public schools (3) and somehow government is not necessary because there will be plenty of water, jobs, food, energy, transportation, communication and schools without a cent of tax dollars which will grow on some kind of unseen trees. They believe the money has always been there just that they could not get to it. Utopian platforms always appeal to the fearful who seek an easy way out of problems. That makes them easy prey to control freaks.

They believe that letting hardened criminals out of jail because of a pandemic means that these newly freed people will appreciate a chance to start over and cause no more crime. Even Pollyanna didn’t have this rosy a view of the human race.

You can be excused if you don’t understand this kind of thinking.

The rest of us over the age of 15 know de-funding the police is a totally irrational act. Fear is at the root of this. The socialists fear the elected leadership (those who believe in America’s foundation documents) are responsible for the country’s troubles because conservatives are the racists, they are the true criminals, they are the true rioters, and with the help of a Media that doesn’t care about truth, they have convinced many others that this is true. And allowing others to believe such a fabrication gives them power and with power comes money.

It is the world turned upside down.

Job said, “I feared a fear and it came upon me.” Who are these fearful and who put them in charge? Behind every fear is the mental attitude that we are powerless over our own lives. The Christian that giving God power to rule us is the answer. Unbelievers know not God, nor any of those benefits.

Behind Fear is the Lie that God is not in Charge

And there is some truth in that. Fear of disease, fear of losing your job, your home, your car, your position, your reputation. How much easier it is to believe that someone else – someone you do not know -is responsible for your situation. You have someone to blame. You can blame God of course, but most people don’t want to do that because they fear – and they should- God will hear them.

Rebels Use Lies and Fear to Control

That is why Communists have always been able to overtake societies with fear, substituting their strong arm and a pile of lies which verified all the fears a public has. They start with socialism and graduate to communism. Covid is a big generator of fear. Unsaved people – those who have not made their peace with God – are especially vulnerable to all these fears, because the one thing that Christians (and Jews) have is faith in God and His final OK on our lives. We are not subject to the winds of fortune, up to and including the levels of our personal faith.

Consequently, many Christians and those not caught up in fear are more and more not believing what is being promoted by the Media. Remember Big Media would have no viewers and readers if they told the truth – that is what they think. And they are right. Viewership and readership of the left wing media continues to deteriorate. Good. Why should we pay for lies?

Consequently, the rioters, those who are lying in the Media, and those who are defunding police are all believing they are doing God’s will because God is just like them. Hard to believe, but right there in black and white!

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