Building the Wall – In Your Mind

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For a large troop of Americans, 2009 to 2016 was a stop action movie where figures are frozen in time waiting for something to happen – for someone to flip a switch so they could return to the business of life. It reminds me of the Apple advertisement of 1984 when brain-dead sycophants goose-stepped to oblivion and technology crashed through to wake them up.
And then schazam! Candidate Trump, the exact opposite of what would be chosen by Central Casting comes on the scene slaughtering sacred cows right and left, and leaving us in the valley of decision.  This is the designated time in our personal or private history where we decide which side we are on.
As a result while the President was out glad-handing international power brokers and luring dissident employers back home, 20 plus Congresspersons left office and at least that many men who could not keep their zippers up or their mouths closed were cleaning out their desks. The Media, reading in unison from a teleprompter in LaLa land focused on Russian chicanery and found it in Hillary’s own documents, along with the supposedly squeaky clean FBI – like Squeaky Fromme?
A parade of miscreants and arrogant managers paraded across our screens, the old panegyrics about Obama were either hotly but ineffectively defended by his supporters, and the truth about almost every conceivable misdeed for decades is being exposed.  And that not even by President Trump, but simply by his “being there.” Every accuser has met or will meet some kind of personal ax as investigations continue.
For two years now Americans have discussed and argued about a wall on the southern border because President Trump make this the key issue of his presidential campaign. A nation is not a nation without a secure border.  The same is true of your mind, You personally must set limits on what you see (movies, TV, and what you hear (radio, gossip, time wasting folly, music). You are not on this planet forever. Your parents should have guided you and if not – many people do not have good parents – you must build this wall yourself.
When we lost control of our borders we seemed to also lose control of our minds, and  the voting public needs to have secure borders of their minds as well as the national jurisdiction. Every theology, every philosophy, every governmental system and every opinion is not equal. Every decision is not right or conversely, is not wrong. The popular relativism leads nowhere and is a mental squirrel cage of circular reasoning.  No wonder young people are confused about their gender, or insulted when they are exposed to some new thought? Cultures are not equal; societies and governments are not morally equivalent as any even sloppy examination would demonstrate. To abdicate responsibility is still a decision.
We must know who we are and what we are supposed to do.  We have decided not to be the world’s 911 police radio.  We have decided not to let everyone immigrate here just because they want money with no regard for other people or our laws.  We have decided that we need to handle some problems ourselves, like the opioid crisis, like the problem of nearly one half our criminals in prison being illegals, or states which show contempt for Law by creating sanctuary cities, all issues which we solved, allegedly, at the Battle of Gettysburg.  States Rights we have, yes; States Wrongs, no.
There is a man on the Internet who says nasty things about me and others, some of whom I do not know. I’ve not read any of it.  Why should I?
I’d only end up resenting him  and I know his decade long history of accusations.  I’ve raised a wall in my mind against him and people like him who only attack other human beings and have no standard or judgment on the key issues of life and death.
God told us “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”  It’s not just a suggestion. Satan wants  your mind; take it back.

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