Casting Pearls before Swine

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We’ve all heard this scripture but what does it mean? First, it means that the people with whom we discuss holy things are not all the same. Swine means people who are unclean, as pigs are unclean in the Bible.

Second, it means we need to be careful about those with whom we share. Most of us are not really aware of the differences in our audience. We can share the wrong things and someone may come after us.

Here is an example of swine and pearls.

Pearls in the Bible refer to sufferings that you have endured at the hands of others as you defended the Lord or his word. The pearl is a symbol of suffering because that tiny bit of sand inside a shell forms a pearl under negative circumstances. It is of great value to you and also to the Lord when done in his name.

Here is an example. I have a friend who was on drugs for many years. Today she is a zealous evangelist for Jesus, no holds bared. But one person said to her, “I can’t believe you because you were a drug addict back in the 1990s.” That is a pearl, the speaker dragged up a past sin, a sin long forgiven and under the blood of forgiveness and restoration, and it is used as a reason to reject or condemn.

But, and here is the zinger, this is not a rejection of you but of your message. No one with any sense attacks God, or Jesus, but an attack against you is a substitute. They think they can get away with it, or it wouldn’t happen.

Better still, decide ahead of time whether this person is ready for your message, your testimony. Many simply do not want to hear anything about God. Sad but true. So move on.


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