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#Malawi #Ghana #Zambia #Fiji

What God is Saying about China

Now China has given its only sons and daughters.  The grief of this will endure a lifetime. 

Show me da money
#Haaretz #Jerusalem Post

Why War again in Israel

Bibi Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett can stop this together by asking the Rabbis

2 syllable make a single word here

The Five Worldviews

Conflicting worldviews enable the wars which militate against peace

Ancient Prophecies now being Fulfilled

Do not say ISIL, say ISIS

ISIS is an Egyptian goddess, and we certainly don’t have any love of false religion

#Malawi #Ghana #Zambia #Fiji

Why "New Age Spirituality" is Phony

New Age Religion, in fact all false religions and spiritual ventures, seeks access to the spiritual world. There are two doors into the spirit world, one through the soul and the other through the spirit.

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