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Bitterness in the heart of Man
" not flawless

The Unhappy Life of the Perfection Obsessed

Why are people Perfectionists? You can say it’s genetic, but what you mean is that your parent was perfection-obsessed and you copied that in order to survive in his or her home.

Truth is Revolutionary
advice to new ministers

Do You Have A Call to the Ministry?

It was clear to me this man had even at age 68 a call to be a pastor. God has no retirement age. Out of that struggle you become a key person. You moved from servant to friend.

Fear of change leads to dece[tion
blaming the victim

Why Good People Do Not Tell the Truth

Failure to Confront is the sin of the church. And the result is compromise with sin and that leads to not telling the truth.

Now in top 100 books on Amazon
gospel of the kingdom

Amazon Trashed My Book Review

Men’s systems could touch the church and her members, but the secular world has no way to handle the kingdom people who march to a spiritual drummer, unseen and unheard by the world.

enemies of Christianity

America Betrayal at the Crossroads

The serpent is in the house – they use the word “pythos” or “python” meaning divination is the symbol of Betrayal.

battle for America

A Prophet from Ohio

I asked the Lord, “Didn’t Jesus disarm all of the principalities and powers (Colossians 2:15)? He spoke with such grace and mercy, and said, “Yes, but the people have been rearming them with their fear, anger towards each other, disunity, words of bitterness and strife. They have chosen the authority of the flesh over the authority of Heaven.

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