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Political Issues

Democrat (personality) and Republican (policy)

The differences between the parties are in stark relief this year. For the past 40 years or so American elections focused primarily on personality. But with the election of Donald Trump, elections are now all about policy.

Learn history as a family game
American history for children

Curriculum for Home Schoolers – American History

Check carefully your children’s textbooks. Some schools will not allow parents to read their students’ texts. People who don’t like the truth will flat out change it to suit themselves.

Vote check
Ecclesiastes 5:3

Whom NOT to Vote for

Your vote is the only way to prevent these rascals from slopping at the public trough.

Complete Jewish Bible

Who to vote for – NOT

Ask yourself – who benefits, really, not in theory but in practice when deciding the vote.

The Religious Spirit in Politics

Fear loss of position, fear of change, which is most frequently the reason, fear of the loss of friends and status, and fear of being wrong.

Prosperity shows where the lights are shining
being illegal means insecurity

Immigration Policy Involves Everyone

Being poor is not an adequate excuse to leave your nation. America welcomes the Politically and Religiously Persecuted

Fear of change leads to dece[tion

To Defund Police – The Rationale

Rebels Use Lies and Fear to Control

Human beings who think that because they believe or act one way, God is just like them.

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