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Heaven is not sitting on clouds playing the harp – bor-ing. No, heaven has been misrepresented by foes of God especially regarding His blessings for you. Some of the hidden blessings are learning things that straighten out key questions you have had all your life.

Heaven makes temporary loss into permanent gain

Johnny Cash’s brother died of a tragic accident and the memory of that, and the loss made an important difference in Cash’s life and the way he presented his music. In heaven he is reunited with his brother. God changes temporary loss into permanent gain.

Heaven explains the past

My father-in-law was murdered – or did he commit suicide? We have our suspicions about who did it and why. We never learned the truth. But now my husband has been united with the whole story. He will also know that what kind of punishment is in process for the man who we think shot him.

We do not believe the Bible supports the idea that suicide leads automatically to hell. My father-in-law was a believer but he made some mistakes. Like who doesn’t?

Surprises at every turn

That person who was imprisoned for being an ax murderer? There he is in heaven. That President you voted for twice? You haven’t seen a hair of the man yet. Even then, because there are so many new things in heaven, you will hardly notice they are missing.

God will fill in the blanks

And there are thousands of other pieces of information that make one’s life understandable. You’ll learn why someone had five miscarriages or what happened to mysteries unsolved on earth. You’ll get a chance to review the original history of the planet, who were the first families living on earth and where, what events like the flood, or even the final fiery end of time are going to be like.

And of course famous people. You may have access to them, their writings, their lives. I have always thought that Martin Luther was wrongly blamed for Antisemitism. There were no rules governing copyrights or intercultural property then. His enemies could have easily used his name on a publication and no one would know.

God wants you to look forward to heaven

If you go to heaven you get the answers you need and want. Hell has no blessings, no friends, no information, and more importantly, no relief. Worse yet, it is an important decision which many people take very casually.

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