God and the Black Cherries

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The time was the late 70’s and my husband’s practice was suffering, I could not get a job because I was competing against so many unemployed males, the kids were in college and my old car was on its last piston.  Putting together meals was a challenge and my friend was bragging about the terrific sales she was finding in food.  I started grousing to God about how put upon I was. black cherries     It was summer and I wanted some black cherries which the grocery store had for about $3 or $4 a package.  Big, sweet, giant cherries from Washington State.  I figured I had enough money for maybe two packages, perhaps half a pie.
So I waited until Monday morning when I thought they’d be on sale at the store.  “Do you have any black cherries on sale,” said I.  The man said —- Sure, and he asked me to drive around back to the loading dock.
When I got there he poured a wheelbarrow load of cherries into my trunk, most of them in terrific condition.  It filled up the entire trunk.  As an experienced canner I put them up and we ate them the following winter.  I had so many in fact, I was not able to use them all.
God was making fun of me, and my lack of faith.  Did he not say, I provide for the sparrows and you are worth more than they? (Matt 10:29)
Did He say, I will never leave you or forsake you? (Hebrews 13:5)
Did he not say he would keep us alive in famine? (Psalm 33:19)
But did I believe it?  Do we really believe it.  Fuss, fuss, fuss.
Since then I’ve been in trouble a thousand times, then …….  I found a ten dollar bill on the sidewalk, or when I was deadly ill in 1989 and someone brought food to my place, totally without knowing how bad off I was, and the time I had severe dysentery and a woman I had not talked to for 10 years called with the name of a specialty doctor or the time in  2011 when I was out of coffee (and complaining) when a person I barely knew showed up with a bag of Kona Coffee, the highest price domestic coffee in America.
God is saying, See, I can do this.  And since He can and does this for me, so He can for you.
Many people buy expensive treadmills and incline trainers which sit in the corner because they are too unmotivated to exercise.  Our faith is like that.  The promises of God are there – we just need to step out on His promises for a faith exercise and watch Him do His job.

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