How God Changed the British Throne

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God said He knew the end before the beginning.

Isaiah 46:10  Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

Some theologians surmised that meant He controlled every event, every word, every thought even down to individual sins according to this scripture. Well “stuff and nonsense” said Mary Poppins. You do get away with a lot of things, but telling God He is responsible for your sins, at least not until after you are saved, is wrong.
Blaming God my mother told me was a “Bad Attitude.”  But what it does mean is even more important. If we sit on God’s shoulders we have an opportunity to view the world, its systems and its history from the long view. This put us in a place of safety; we cannot be hurt by anything there.
At the same time we have a chance to see the hand of God. He cannot be held responsible for our various sins of commission and omission but we see him moving the affairs of men forward. I saw this in the five hour wedding video of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the majestic pageantry of the Brits for which they are rightly proud – and profitable.
Of all the surprises we have a California child of a black mother and a white father who makes a name for herself as an actress and philanthropist and meets the 2nd son of the Queen of England. It’s a modern and charming love story and a prototype of improbability.
But I saw something else. I saw that Prince Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, was a over-indulged man, very like his self-absorbed uncle who abdicated the British throne.  That turned out to be a huge blessing to Western civilization as Elizabeth’s father became king and was serious about doing the job as his brother Edward demeaned.
This man born to be king was ill equipped to handle the job but then he marries.  In fact he was forced to marry by his mother and give up his mistress because the throne needed an heir and a spare as the Brits call it. Enter the kindest, most people-loving woman in Britain, Diana Spencer, who became the mother of two boys who transferred her personality to the British throne.
Now two people will be able to join the American zeal for individualism and equality before the law with the zeal to reform charitable institutions and make them effective in saving whole groups of people in their problems – wounded warriors, lands without clean water, games and opportunities for small children and others whose names Americans would not know.
If you think this is quaint, romantic nonsense, watch some Shakespeare or read English history.  Most of the kings of England have been no great prize.  Because of this, massive numbers of disaffected people hopped on a ship and went to America or Australia.
Or consider the irrational King Richard the Third who no doubt murdered two young men who had claim to the throne, dying himself at age 32 in battle.  Several hundred years of royal infighting ensued.
Then consider today – we have two royal heirs committed to the most generous and loving view of their citizens whose nation recognizes them as “royal.”  Now doesn’t that sound like God moving the pieces on the board?
Unlike us, God takes the long view.  What is 1480 to Him and now? What is 600 years to him?  A wisp in the night. We can learn from this to always ask God what is your opinion is this thing – not mine, not the media, not the politicians, but God’s? He has a plan and hopefully you are in the middle of it too. Ask Him.

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