God’s Nature v. The Government of God

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Believers will often say that God brought them some trouble or problem to pay them back for sin, or “God fixed a fix to fix me.” They mean no harm by it but it is not true. God is incapable of doing evil of any kind. Everything He does or has done is perfect and good.

However, the perfect world He created for mankind became contaminated by sin and sinners so God needed to have a governmental system to handle this. The purpose was first, to manage the corrupted world as a place under siege by the devil and his angels and second, to focus on the long range correction and restoration of the universe to its perfect state as He had promised and planned.

Consequently human beings become confused between the works and words of God and that of His government or justice and righteousness.

The Government of God

The government of God is based on one principle – that of sowing and reaping. It applies to everyone and everything in the universe, human, or animal, even organizations. God will judge corporations that plan or execute evil. It applies to the realm of evil spirits as well. “Whatsoever you sow that shall you also reap.” (Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.)

You may wonder at the sudden collapse of a corporation or major airline and think – what caused that? Only to find out later that some high placed official in that company was caught in a scandal involving usually money or sex or both.

This world system is managed by Satan who was cast down from the abode on high, the third heaven, to earth. “The whole world lies in the wicked one.” (1 John 5:19 CEB We know we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.)

When the enemy sees a sin or evil action, he knows he has access to enforce the built in vengeance of the law. God interrupts when He is asked by His people. He also can and will act independently if things get out of hand, such as when he flooded the entire earth because only eight not-totally depraved people remained.

Here is how this works

This is the story of a landlord who was stealing from the tenants, setting them up for failure, forcing them out on false charges in order to keep their deposit, spying on them behind their backs and even stealing drugs from their medicine cabinets. This is a violation of the laws of both man and God.

When Sin becomes “full

But – there is always a BUT. God has a limit that He puts on sin. He refers to this in the Old Testament this way, “The sin of the Amorites was not yet full.” There is some divine rule, we do not know what it might be for any situation, where the extent of the sin has not been reached, a point of no return so to speak. This landlord went on doing this for years, gaslighting, bullying, particularly against the senior citizens who rented from him, even charging them for apartment repairs rather than face his wrath or eviction.

Finally Satan was given permission to go in to correct the situation. (For Satan’s part in all this see the companion article “Satan doesn’t hate you – it just seems that way.”)

Mr. Landlord has gone too far. If he persisted the authorities would find out that no repairs had been done, that legally required inspections were not current, and the set-up to create an incident to allow him to evict someone fell through – all the evidence was against him. At this point, The Landlord might think God was after him, but no – it was the sowing and reaping being applied to real life.

God’s government had taken over. By this time the apartment building was so lacing in needed repairs that selling it would mean taking a loss. The Landlord’s reputation was on the line too. Many residents now had a potential law suit for possible fire hazards. The Landlord was trapped.

How God reacts when you are on the witness stand

Now what? This is the point when God in His holiness steps in and says to the Landlord, are you going to repent and get right with Me? You and I have no involvement; God has been trying for years to get this man to repent and then without warning the sin was “Full.” The apartment dwellers are merely “agents of justice” to use a term in the Bible. Now you ask, why tell us this tale?

2022 -God will expose thousands of evil doers in governments across the globe

United States, Canada, Britain, Europe, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Sudan, Egypt- need I go on?

God’s prophets for several years have predicted this – a point in world history where evil governments will finally face the truth and their evils no longer hidden from mankind. It will lead to mammoth dislocation everywhere – the monetary system and coinage, leadership at all levels, massive arrests, many deaths explained and unexplained. People who knowingly or unknowingly brought about the death or harm to others will be trapped in the truth. It will be Judgment Day a wee bit early, but all for our benefit. God can accept no one in heaven who has not repented of sin, and the end of time is soon upon us.

How God Disciplines Men and Nations

Check a topographical map of the world. The areas without water are those which have contempt for the God of the whole world, i.e. the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Jews, and by extension the Christians. Many nations today are fearful about their water supply; perhaps instead they should check how well they are treating Israel and the USA, Britain and many other Christian lands. Muslim nations are the fiercest foes of Israel and have a long history of abuse of women and children. The swatch of desert across the top of Africa tells the story.

Areas bright red also indicate were anti-God places exist, Muslims, communists, and dictators with no conscience or mercy.

Why does God do This?

God does not want people to think that human beings have created a desert without water for them to live. He wants people to come to Him when there is a lack. Usually people will go to other people or political authorities so in the long run nothing much is accomplished. Check your government, and its people. Do they have contempt for God, then look at your water supply.


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