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There is None Like You, Lenny LeBlanc

First, God does not spend His days watching over every miscreant behavior, bad thought or evil deed. His life is all about good. BUT, He did put down some hard fast rules in both the Old and New Testaments which the devil and his crew know by heart. So if perchance you make a mistake, deliberate especially, but occasionally only by accident, the demonic crowd is on the job to tend to your reward. Remember this.

“The whole world lies under the authority of the evil one.”

Even if you are a believer, and a strong one, you must pay the price along with the world system for whatever it does. Americans are now suffering under the rule of an anti-Christian, anti-American political party in office in many states and in Washington D.C. We are all paying the price for this election. It is harder on the non-believers because they are not part of God’s family, but everyone suffers.

These laws are immutable

Modern theologians and leaders do not think immutable laws exist, or any absolutes for that matter, but they live under them every day. The clock, the calendar, the movement of stars and planets have not moved a quarter inch since they originally graced the sky. This, in fact determines much of our lives, the time, the seasons. The reason the astronauts returned from the moon in exactly the right place is because the laws of the universe do not change.

God’s Laws do not change either

So now to the many laws of life that the devil and his crew have memorized so well and are looking to see if you broke one of them! For this lesson I’ve chosen what you might think as a small and insignificant remark of God in the Old Testament.

Everybody knows you don’t steal stuff, lie or commit murder so we won’t go into the obvious. Oftentimes in those cases, the local police will be looking for you. No, this law of God, repeated in the Bible twice, using exactly the same words is this:

  1. 1 Chronicles 16:22Do not touch My anointed ones, And do not harm My prophets.”
  2. Psalm 105:15Do not touch My anointed ones, And do not harm My prophets.”

Clearly this is tricky. Maybe you do not know who the prophets are. That does not matter. You are still responsible if you harm one. But how can you harm a prophet, who lives, for example, in Australia, or Nashville, or a tiny hamlet in Florida?

Since I have been in ministry 50 years I know many personal stories. Here is a list of the things which have harmed prophets. Sometimes I know what happened to the transgressor, but mostly I do not. But it gives you are sample of the kinds of ills that might plague you. We always want to know – why did this awful thing happen to me? (These names are not the real ones.)

  1. John researched a mortgage loan and put money down on a condo. A week before the sale was to close the attorney who held the down payment in escrow contacted a government agency which mandated that the condo was in the floodplain which would cost a great deal of extra money, not just for John but for all the property owners. It made the property hard to sell for all the owners, raising the price substantially. The “floodplain” was a 3 foot wide creek. What happened to this attorney? We do not know, but revenge requires a high price. The devil will send the bill. Vengeance is mine, I will repay said God. You do not take God’s duties out of His authority.

Romans 12:19
Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written: “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord.

2. Martha discovered to her shock and surprise that her sister-in-law refused to speak civilly to her for over 20 years because of tale bearing. The tale was this – that the woman had criticized her daughter’s butt. Who told the story? We don’t know. What happened? We don’t know that either but we do know this. God hates talebearing as much as murder – maybe even more so, because the person continues to live under that lie for years and years.

Psalm 105:5 will destroy anyone who secretly slanders his neighbor; I cannot tolerate anyone with haughty eyes or an arrogant heart.

3. My grandmother told me about an alcoholic woman who spent her weekends sleeping around and getting drunk. Fearing her 4th grade child might tell this in school, she told her child’s teachers she was a “congenital liar.” As you can imagine the school teachers blamed the child for many and various crimes including theft, never knowing this was a smoke screen to cover the mother’s sin. There are special judgments on those who harm children because they are innocent. God says children enjoy life in the “kingdom of heaven” so when you touch one of them you touch Him. The grandmother reminded me that the child had not one clue what her mother did on the weekend, nor cared. Guilt will tempt us to do many more evil things to cover our sins, but it only increases the judgments against us. This woman also bragged about getting an abortion and how an abortion on this daughter had failed. Bragging about murder is not cool even in the secular world; it doubles the punishment.

4. My friend Virginia told me about a lawyer who took her money and did nothing, so when the lawyer ran for District Court judge, Virginia prayed she would lose, and she did. Jesus made it clear that we cannot pray for persons to die but we can pray for judgment on their property, business or ambitions.

5. Because God lives in eternity, His judgments can be spread out over centuries, unseen as His hand, and racked up to weather events. As America has Done to Israel, a book by John McTernan, goes into detail on the judgments against the George Bush family for decisions which caused harm to Israel. Keep in mind that God said in Genesis 12:3, that whoever blesses Israel He will bless; whoever curses Israel He will curse. God’s judgment is most often seen in weather events. Katrina is perhaps the best known most recent weather disaster. The sin was the sex perversion of New Orleans. It was prophesied well in advance by Kim Clement, now deceased. Kim’s prophecies are all over the internet and YouTube even today.

6. The books of Johnathan Cahn go into minute detail on the prophetic events surrounding the birth of the American nation and many other nations and their spiritual value or danger. He cites many cases in his books of the judgment on those who misuse their authority.


When we ask God, Cleanse thou me of secret faults, include a lie or two about something you did to harm a prophet.


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The Ministry of the Watchman – An observer on the wall sharing a report of what God is seeing and doing in the world at large and also in the congregations of His people. Cornelia Scott Cree, Watchman, Change Agent, Essayist.

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The Ministry of the Watchman – An observer on the wall sharing a report of what God is seeing and doing in the world at large and also in the congregations of His people. Cornelia Scott Cree, Watchman, Change Agent, Essayist.

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