I Found the (missing) Church

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Almost 287,000 watched this video.

Online churches have thousands of young people, inner city churches have a handful of people huddling in one corner looking like lost sheep, mega-churches like Houston pack in large crowds of all ages, but, the Bible says God adds to the church daily.

Where are they???

I found them. They are watching videos.

Amanda Grace – 92,000 watching 10-21-21. Amanda is probably the best known of them all. She also keeps an animal sanctuary in the Bronx. Her words from God are structured and carefully worded and recorded.

Robin D. Bullock, 10-21-21 had 14,777 viewers and several dozen YouTube comments. His videos are widely pirated, taking sections out, sometimes not in context, as they generate income for people who have zero interest in God. BUT, still people are getting the word. Bullock is a Biblical exegete (that means he knows what he is talking about) par excellence.

Dutch Sheets on October 15, 2021 had 170,000 viewers. His short, 15 minute messages are packed with good revelation, encouragement and wisdom. He’s been around a long time and has many followers. This is good for working people who want to spend some time with God before work. Sheets’ videos come on at around 2 a.m. Eastern Time.

On October 6, Timothy Dixon, a relative newcomer to videos, had 63,000 viewers watching an historically important event, presentation of a huge petition to the Supreme Court to end abortion in the USA. Dixon was joined in that by Bullock.

The Victory Channel is a true news channel. 164,000 watched recently, perhaps because it covers the whole country, especially the revivals in New York and California. There is no real Christian news on the major TV channels anymore.

Hank and Brenda Kunneman have a large church in Omaha, Nebraska and he gives many prophecies. These prophets do not often talk to each other which assures us that when they do say the same thing, it is not collusion. His viewers run around 22,000 each video.

Robert Morris has a huge Texas church but he also uploads sermons. The Jezebel Spirit is a favorite, which actually refers to the news media and other entertainment sources. That one alone had over 149,000 viewers. As you watch major media collapse you will know why.

Of course, the viewers watch more than one speaker. Even so, it is a huge number. Your local pastor cannot expect in his lifetime to reach as many people as these video-casts reach in a single session. Expect many more to be coming forth, a great list of foreign languages. YouTube is worldwide. Other platforms will be coming along to avoid censorship.


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