Immigration Policy Involves Everyone

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Why “Immigration Policy” Fails on Many Levels

From God’s view, the problem of immigrants has been mishandled not just for years, but decades.  Those who come to America’s shores have false expectations. A man from London told me the biggest surprise he had in Texas was that there are poor people here.  Foreigners expect such a lavish lifestyle that they will not need to work, that there is so much prosperity that there are no lawbreakers.  That describes heaven, not earth. There are rules for immigrants to consider before they try to enter.

When personalities are involved, God does not want us to take sides.  Our decisions, personal and corporate, should reflect either respect for the law or His blessings, never defiance of either. His will, not the will of people or their politicians is the basis for good decisions, and when followed results in good laws and societies.

The American secret for a happy life

The secrets to a happy life are worldwide – be steady, educate yourself, make plans for the future, be faithful to those around you, and be disciplined in all matters.  Not one of these duties is all that easy.  It takes maturity and commitment, whether you live on the Fiji Islands or Manhattan.

Reasons for Failure

How did we mess up so badly?  We’ve been lazy and disinterested. God expects a free people to vote for leaders who will represent the best management practices that please God whether they are Christians or not.
God expects us also to be watchful over our leaders and pray for them. That means we should pray for them, not curse or pray they get some courage and do the right thing – nor leave office!  Or curse them and their families in restaurants or on Twitter, which applies to both sides of the aisle. And it is a lesson many Americans do not know as well.

God does not honor lawlessness, and neither should the government or any political group. The word illegal means just that.  There are only two valid reasons for anyone to enter the USA – legal entry or political or religious asylum.  The former is hard and takes time.  The latter is easy to establish. But being “illegal” leaves you eternally insecure.

America welcomes the Politically and Religiously Persecuted

My friend Karen, her mother and brother worked in the underground in their Latin American nation and all three have a contract on their lives for 20 years – yes, even today. They had a provable case and entered quickly.  Every one else without a provable case is a lawbreaker. And being poor is not an adequate excuse to leave your nation. Turn around and be part of their future; bring sanity and a good life to the land of your birth.

Bible Rules for Immigrants

The Old Testament urges us to accept refugees, but they must, must obey the law of the land.  They do not need to be Jewish. Even today in Israel Christians are treated well and live happily but they are not allowed to proselytize, just honor the laws of the land. God does not want everyone on earth to live in America. The Bible says He knows the nations, where they belong and what they should be doing.

Acts 17:26 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) 26 “From one man he made every nation living on the entire surface of the earth, and he fixed the limits of their territories and the periods when they would flourish.

To encourage lawbreaking makes you a lawbreaker too.  In the last verse of Romans 1, the person who encourages another to sin is considered the bottom of God’s barrel.  You are free to pray for them and help them with legal entry, or with asylum if they qualify. But any encouragement of lawlessness falls on you too. Politicians who encourage illegals for personal profit have a double burden of guilt and shame.

Any toleration of lawlessness degrades America.  Why should newcomers be led to believe that they can disobey the law with impunity? How can your own American children take us seriously if we allow, encourage, even finance illegal behavior? We can’t expect them to be honest when we have demonstrated that we are dishonest.

No one is ever helped in life by believing that if they cry hard enough they will get their own way. Cursing people who disagree with you and slandering them is not American, and the constant barrage of evil speaking needs to get to the Supreme Court. 

American Media is not America

Americans are increasingly sickened by Big Media lying and then changing the subject when they are caught.  The nation needs to turn the channel on them from sea to shining sea. And when a Grade B actor slams the president no one should repeat it – it’s only free publicity for a coming movie. Then he gets a separate headline for an “apology.”

Finally, foreign governments learned that there are plenty of greedy politicians who will accept all manner of expensive criminals and disease carrying people if it can line their pockets. Legal immigration monitors such problems.  I am happy to have people come here, but not felons that foreign nations dump on us. DACA dreamers account for 59,000 separate crimes in the USA.

Building walls is the first step in creating a safe society

When Nehemiah received permission from King Cyrus to rebuild broken- down Jerusalem the first thing he did was build a wall. The walls are salvation; the gates are praise.  The church can raise them both.

Following is an interesting prophecy involving the ministry of Nehemiah.

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