Iniquity in the White House

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Betrayal by the White House

Iniquity is not sin – it is the evil that results from you making a bad decisions that causes evil towards other people. Many people in Afghanistan sided with the Americans to try to rid their nation of the Taliban, the major terrorist organization of the Middle East. President Trump learned that thousands of those people would be killed or otherwise rounded up if he was no longer president. He gave them special visas to flee to America.

Now Obama and Biden (Biden is not really in charge) have stopped those visas and Afghanies are being slaughtered and their houses burned down. Or they are given a chance to report a fellow and be spared – at least in theory, but we know the evil heart. They will rat out someone else and end up dying themselves. The Taliban does not permit women to be educated so the surviving family will have no way to make a living.

These deaths are now on Biden and Obama

They must account for every one to God Himself. Now the point of this article is this – every single death, misery and other evil, from rape to starving to death will be laid on Obama and Biden for this action. AND to every staff person who agrees with them.

What can we do? We can pray this horror will be exposed as soon as possible. Many lives are at stake.


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