It’s not Politics – It’s The Enemy Within

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The video begins at Minute 18, but the whole thing is valuable. At 20 minutes you hear the list of crimes against the people of America.

The Church said, “We don’t like politics, so we won’t bother with it.” The Devil said, “I have plenty of candidates available.” Today this is our Prayer List. Thousands of scandals, treason, stolen elections, blackmail, bribery, paybacks, foreign and domestic, extortion, under the counter deals – actually too numerous to mention.

In the coming weeks here is a partial list of what you will be seeing. Start today to pray this prayer:

Matthew 10:26 ….. there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

This video mentions 17 scandals of government corruption including over 100 cases against The Clinton Foundation involving blackmail of foreign dignitaries.  None of these apparently are public but under investigation.

President Donald J. Trump, before leaving office, signed an executive order allowing the government to seize the assets of anyone involved in election fraud.  That includes many foreign entities, except the embassies. This alone will put many politicians and government employees out of business.  The law does not allow the seizing of a domicile, however, but everything else.  My husband knew a man who was forced to turn over the diamonds on his wife’s hands!

As the guy said, “We ain’t seen nothing yet.” 

Ask God to reveal:

  • Diana’s accident, maybe NOT be an accident
  • The details of JFK’s death – sometime else
  • 9/11 – The whole story
  • Proof of election in many states, including elections going back to Obama 1 and 2.
  • Minor election fraud involving lesser candidates
  • Profiteering from hospital stays
  • Mis-reporting if hospital deaths and causes being falsely listed as Covid
  • Keeping people in hospitals to raise money for the hospital
  • Refusal of hospitals to use proven therapies
  • Who profited from Covid deaths and who started it and where
  • Ask God to bring forth Whistleblowers who want no part of these evils
  • Deliberate contamination of imported foodstuffs. (The FDA does not have the personnel to check every batch of food. Ask God to guide people to the right places to test.)
  • The Russian Hoax, was just that – who paid for it
  • How Major Media, like Facebook, Google, the newspapers and TV stations, used their pages to contaminate the voting, lying about people and issues
  • Federal Reserve has no reserve
  • Catholic Church scandals
  • Illuminati
  • Dominion software
  • blackmail of a Supreme Court Justice
  • Fast and Furious
  • RICO cases
  • Clinton scandals
  • Benghazi
  • Boris Johnson spying on President Trump
  • IRS
  • and many more
  • ““““““““““““`

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  1. Plus, there’s no “reserve” in the Federal Reserve, Spygate, pedofilia in the4 state department, Uranium One given to our enemies to create atomic bombs (thank you so much – sarcasm)

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