How to Pray for Your Country

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At some point in the 20th century the churches told their members not to spend time in politics. And just to make sure, President Lyndon Johsnon promoted and passed the Johnson Amendment preventing ministers and churches from preaching politics from the pulpit, a clear violation of the 1st Amendment. That amendment is still on the books and President Donald Trump has it on his do list to get it repealed. You can pray that is repealed.

Meanwhile the Devil was listening and thought, “Hey, I have plenty of people I can run for office,” and the results we see now in legislation and Supreme Court decisions violating the basic principles of both the Jewish law and Christian life. God has not given human beings the right to change His laws for our convenience or opinion. Marriage is still between one male and one female, and DNA now clearly defines who is male and who is not.

If you can’t believe the Bible you might believe science.

Thinking yourself transgender does not make it so. Ask people who diet all the time – Does thinking you are thin actually work? Life is not about our emotions, what we feel, or even what we hope. Life is about what is. We can change our lives by bringing ourselves under the reality of a loving God.

Prayer for America

Many Americans have lost their grip on the truth so here is a prayer for the salvation of our nation.

  • Ask God to protect our leaders (even the ones we don’t like, or who are warring against us) to gain wisdom about the whole picture and guard against those who would destroy our nation from within.
  • Ask God to turn our public schools around from social experiments back to places of learning the skills to be winners in life. Ask God to expose the wrong books which have encouraged sexual license for young people and other deviant behavior. Pray for the teachers; no amount of money can pay them for some of the stress they must endure.
  • Pray that churches will take up the responsibility of praying for the government to change the atmosphere of their communities as the Bible demands.
  • Pray that the millions of Americans who have been seduced into thinking sex, drugs, wealth, fame, and power are the route to personal happiness realize their folly before it is too late.
  • Ask God to tear down the giant monopolies in media, books, and TV that censor our thinking, news, ideas and personal relationships. We can think for ourselves.
  • Ask God to reveal to us all personally those areas where we have compromised with evil and need to change our thinking.
  • Pray that new, enlightened and passionately patriotic people will run for office regardless of the cost and slander they might face.
  • Pray that your state government will stop partisan and self-absorbed bickering and realize they are there for the general good, not their own careers.
  • Pray for the safety of your law enforcement people and their families. They live in fear that the angry and discontented mobs will rule the cities and make their job harder.
  • Pray that the millions of people worldwide trying to get to America to succeed turn around and return to their own nation where they can revolutionize their native land and make it great with God’s help. That is what we did 243 years ago. They can that too.
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  1. Ha, to teach people anything means they lack the Holy Spirit as well as good-quality faith in the Son of God. I doubt you even practice what you preach, let alone care for your own flock of followers. Since you created an article about how to pray for your country, judging by its context, you’re being led by something else and it’s not good. What are you letting yourself be led by? Your flesh? Your feelings? Other individual sinners? Or are you being led by Satan himself? What kind of spirit did you obtain? True priests are done with sinning and give faith instructions. Welcome to Churchianity.

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