One Way to Beat Depression

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My friend’s life was up-ended recently and he has fallen into depression. My advice to him I share now with you.

When I was 12, my teacher required us to research and write on our future education and goals. I chose the profession of law and interviewed my uncle who was an attorney. My goal, said I, was to be the first woman President of the United States.

My teacher gave me a poor grade saying my goal was completely unrealistic. (She was locked into the past; I was focused on the future.)

From that day to this I determined not to allow anyone to define who I am. Neither should you. You hold the keys to your life, not someone else. Not someone else’s opinion, bias, or control.

God knows you and what you are supposed to be. He said, “Your times are in my hand.” Seek His input and be freed from guesswork, assumption, and presumption.

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