How to Pray for America – now

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The Bible says to “pray according to the prophecies” I Timothy 1:18

This is a prophecy from Amanda Grace (see, long trusted and quoted.) Read this out loud for the best effectiveness.

A Word from the Lord–January 14th, 2021 @ 5:52AM–The Unearthing and the Great Red Dragon

Praise be to the Lord God the Great I AM. Who is an ever-present help in times of trouble. The Alpha and Omega, All-mighty and All-powerful Holy and sovereign. All Glory and Honor is due His name….

Expose secrets in the walls of Washington DC

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, the clashes in the heavenlies that are happening as the armies of the Lord of Host advances against the enemy and is beginning to cause a retreat, you see this My children manifesting in the natural, on earth as fear, chaos, disjointedness, and confusion on the part of those who serve the interests and the insatiable lusts for power of the Kingdom of darkness. Right now My children you need to march in faith as Joshua did so at Jericho. For there is always secrets hidden within the walls that they never wanted found out. Nor do these corrupted children of perdition want anyone finding out what lay under the area called Washington DC.

Buried in the canals and cracks – Exhume

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, I am exhuming what they thought was dead, what they thought they buried and hid in the cracks and canals of the underground and underworld beneath that Area, I the Lord of Hosts am commanding to come forth the most heinous of dealings, the most heinous of operations, blueprints, the most heinous of crimes, pure blasphemy and perversion of their father the devil. I the Lord am commanding this day these things be unearthed. Turn up the soil says the Lord of Hosts, open the caskets of what they so foolishly thought they buried so well. I the Lord of Hosts say this day what shall be exhumed shall change the course of this nation and shall cause to cry out for a complete purge of their government. For I the Lord God say this day your keys, and codes, and GPS points of burial that you so hid I the Lord God decree this day and so order for My Holy angels, My warring angels to go forth and remove the principalities and powers that are so guarding these key pieces and take them to put them into the hands of those I have chosen to lead the fight for Truth, Godliness, Justice, and recompense says the Lord.

Expose attacks – Oklahoma, payoffs, panic

And says the Spirit of Lord this day, towers once thought dead and gone I the Lord am resurrecting the true and rightful tale, story, and plan for the world to see. Attacks that happened long ago, including in Oklahoma says the Lord, what is in the earth shall cry out, and those who have stayed hidden in secret with key pieces to the puzzle, who have the information to make entire pictures very clear. I the Lord God am calling them out from the shadows, I am calling them out from deep within the government, I am calling them by name to come forth and inject the very explosive evidence into the fight. There will be even more panic not only on the part of the donkeys who took payoffs BUT the elephants who took payoffs to look the other way from what they saw and conversations they witnessed, for their mini shrines and empires shall fall as it is made even more clear these politicians do not serve the people, they do not serve Me the Lord your God, they serve the interests of wicked, insatiable principalities who have been lording over Washington DC.

Expose snakes, sorcerers, thieves, China

You must understand My children, My son Donald, upset the balance of powers, and a blow in the realm of the Spirit was delivered unto them when he took office. He is a builder by nature, however, builders are diggers, they have to survey the property and dig around on it to ensure it is solid ground. Well, Donald and a select few went digging and what they found was frightening, sickening, darkness that brings you to the point of being physically ill. And they panicked, these snakes, sorcerers, and thieves panicked because NO ONE was supposed to find out who was not puppeted by them to keep them in check. There was not one string they could pull to reign him back. And so they went on a quest they made a pact to not only destroy him and his family but to destroy the entire country as punishment for the way they so voted their conscience and their voice. And so says the Lord of Hosts they met with the great Red Dragon, and worshipped the dragon, and committed harlotry with this blasphemous being, and plotted every evil that only comes from the pits of hell that were so-called up by Lucifer himself, and contracts were signed, pacts were made. And so in their desperation, they attempted to unleash hell against this country, in attempts to get them to turn on the president and put their trust in the very people who went on a mission from hell to destroy them, whose allegiance is to principalities and powers, not to the Lord God the great I AM, and not to the people says the Lord.

Treason of shared codes

And says the spirit of the Lord this day, now is the hour where I the Lord God shall gut open the great Red Dragon and pull forth out of its belly all it has consumed and its contents that is highly sensitive material. There were codes exchanged with the great Red Dragon, codes for missiles as well. And just as they have so wickedly opened the door for infiltration in this country purposely giving jobs and favor to those who were indeed operatives, just when they think they have a hold I the Lord God Yahweh say this day I shall raise My right hand in judgment against them and shall send in a fierce warring army to literally rip them out of their bunkers, offices, positions, I the Lord God will strike a fatal blow to the Red Dragon and that sickness shall carry to Persia for their hand shall be cut off for dipping their interests into such a wicked scheme and the god they serve will be deaf to their cries as shaking, quaking, and explosions so go forth in that country, they will be sorry they ever tried to harm America and Israel, and so their operatives that have been waiting for their que deep within the government in America and other areas of the world, those operatives shall be pulled forth out of their offices, and hiding places. And the media of deceptions shall quake as these things come forth and the people shout for their dismantling says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Awake America from long slumber

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day these events will wake the country up from a long slumber, a stupor, chains that had been unknowingly placed upon them by the filth in the capital. The hostilities shall grow against those in Washington DC. as the people completely reject their officials and their false way of government, for they have been operating in a government in the shadows that runs opposite what the laws of the land state. The persecuting spirit has gone forth to attempt to persecute truth and its soldiers. As their colosseums, and monuments, and contracts that they so built are falling apart at the seams, are crumbling, in a complete panic, they have gone forth against those who are standing for truth, law, and order. The persecutions shall turn on them since they so chose to serve their father the devil! 

Call in angels to help

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the time is here for everything to be turned on its head and a battle is brewing, wars, and rumors of wars, However, I the Lord of Hosts have sent in My army of warring angels to assist those fighting for truth and to cut down those who have made contracts with the devil says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Drunk on haughtiness, perversion

A surprise with the Presidency is imminent for the pit is literally one step away from those who have become drunk on the cup of haughtiness, pride, perversions, and lusts of every power they could whore their spirits out for says the Lord of Hosts.

If my people called by my name

And says the Lord of Hosts this day, as MY people who are called By My name will humble themselves before Me and pray and SEEK MY FACE and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven forgive their sin and heal their land says the Lord. Now is the time that the cries of the people to their Creator will cause massive change and intervention for I the Lord God desire to deliver you. Do NOT look to a man to deliver you, Do NOT set man up as an idol for man is a tool in My hands. Nothing is too difficult for Me and no circumstance is impossible to overcome when you have the Lord your God fighting for you.

And so I shall fight for you OH America, I shall fight for this covenant nation and shall break the eagle of its bondage and the blood covenants made on behalf of the sons and daughters of perdition and sin, and Balaam, I the Lord shall break the chain of command and constrictions of that covenant and shall evict Lucifer from what he so illegally took and inhabited in this country.

Watch Buckingham palace

Watch Buckingham palace and England shall be complete upheaval as events in America take place for England’s filth must be faced their people must face the filth and turn back to Me says the Lord.

Passover will be highlighted this year BY MAJOR events occurring surrounding it for the pharaohs can serve Ra and Baal and the prince of Persia however I the Lord God laugh at them and the wicked for they are powerless in My presence and so I shall demonstrate MY power in such a way that men will drop to their knees to surrender for some hearts will fail at the evils that will now be exposed.

There are those I have marked, I have set apart for such a time who I shall bring to the forefront of this fight from all different areas and expertise, and the giants and captains of industry who so want to utilize it as a weapon against the people and against truth, those captains of industry shall fall.

2 banks will be hit

2 banks shall take such a major hit and blow for their willful arrogance against the people, and the captains of social media so shall be smeared and on the run for Lucifer cannot help them once I have ruled against them for he has strings on them they foolishly allowed to grow bigger and stronger. And now the people shall turn against them and cry out even more for the time has come for the people to have a voice, a voice that will mute those in governments and industry attempting to manipulate and snare the people back into submission. However, the tables are surly turning and there will be evidence found underneath says the Lord.

2021 Year of war against wickedness

The next year says the Lord is going to be a crucial fight to regain the country out of the hands of the wicked. I the Lord have set My face against them and so shall I release My wrath upon them for attempting to open up the gates of hell against America. You have a sword, it is the Word, utilize it right now and speak it, root yourselves in it as I the Lord God send help oh America for she needs her freedom once again. Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in the name of Jesus Christ, amen and amen.
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