Profile of Modern American Prophets

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YouTube videos offer subscriptions which help the prophets to profit, and keep them on the air in spite of the constant shadow of censorship on so many Christian voices. Please do support them.

Dutch Sheets, South Carolina, available on the internet and YouTube as “Give Him 15,” daily. Soft-spoken – you may need to raise the audio level. He focuses on the Ecclesia, the church leaders who engage in spiritual warfare on a practical level. He is a key to any Intercession for America. He works closely with Chuck Pierce of Denton, Texas.

Deborah Williams, Florida, experienced but unpretentious pastor, Bible teacher, missionary and prayer warrior who speaks to women and men, but you can hear the concern for the family in her voice. She is on YouTube as “Midnight Cry,” and can be reached via email. She occasionally gives a prophecy.

Lance Wallnau, with a long history of ministry to businessmen in real-world situations, has a worldwide overview of the events of our age and especially the ministry of Donald John Trump and his presidency. He is available through his website, online and many other venues. He often broadcasts after midnight Texas time. He is well known in political circles.

Hank and Brenda Kunneman, pastors in Omaha, Nebraska with an emphasis on spiritual warfare for the nation. NO holds barred prophecies. Their services are often a hour or longer. They can be reached through YouTube and their website, as well as Flashpoint, a television news program for believers.

Amanda Grace, AmandaGrace 4 Him. com. Amanda has a large, constant viewership. She suffered terribly physically as she was growing up, has an ongoing conversation with the many animals she nurtures, and gives very structured prophecies. You always know who is talking – God or Amanda. She has her own programs but also appears on Grace and Glory on YouTube.

Tim Sheets, Dutch’s brother is an expert on angels. He is on YouTube with longer teaching sessions.

Kat Karr, pronounced cur, is a specialist on personal visits to heaven which are entertaining and so engaging that you may lose your fear of dying. She has many years experience in this, and comfortable with her subject. She is on YouTube and occasionally seen with some of the other prophets listed is this group of prophets.

Flashpoint. A regularly scheduled spirit-filled news program featuring men who know the times and the seasons.

Mario Murillo, California, is an evangelist whose meetings are a center to the West Coat revival of recent days.

Robin D. Bullock, dresses like a biker in a leather jacket, is surprisingly humble, always deferring to the wisdom of God in everything. Personally I believe he is the best Bible teacher around. And possible the best prophet. His meetings feature miracles and healings. People travel from all over to see him in person. He rather looks like Jesus in some old paintings.

Timothy Dixon, Alabama, is on YouTube and offers subscriptions. He is a Judgment Prophet, leaves no stone unturned in the evil he exposes, and the rewards he calls down upon their heads. He occasionally sings for about 5 minutes preface to his prophecies. I feel sure he gets a lot of flack for what he says. He does appear at other venues across the nation, including the big revival in Modesto, California with Murillo. He is very specific about the location of God’s wrath to come, naming states and even cities.

Kent Christmas is an old-time pentecostal preacher who has no fear of man, measures what he says carefully, and never compromises.

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