America Betrayal at the Crossroads

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Kim Clement
The late Kim Clement, always controversial but never wrong.
Will you stand with God for this hour?

The late Kim Cement voiced this prophecy ten years ago about the future of America and today we are in the thick of the battle. Read every word, and share.

The Bible says “We (meaning the believers) will be persecuted by all nations, and then the end will come.” We’ve been praying for the end. It has come and the last nation to feel the betrayer’s wrath is now upon us as well. President Trump told a group of ministers in his office a few years back that the plan was to eliminate Christianity and make it illegal. That should help explain some of what you will read here.

April 3, 2010 – From The Den

Standing in the shadow there is someone, waiting, waiting for 30 pieces of silver
Waiting to betray righteousness, peace, holiness, waiting to take somebody
Waiting to take somebody and lead them away, and lead them away from the truth.
But God says, will they ever win, will they ever win?
They tried to take My Son away and where is He now?
I’m waiting for the sound, I’m waiting for the sound of someone
that will stand up and pray; Somebody pray!  Pray for this nation!
Because the Spirit of the Lord is watching over you.

A prophetic anointing is hovering over the United States of America; there is a betrayal that is about to take place.  We are seeing it unfold on national television, on the national news.  There is going to be a horrific thing exposed, but we have prophesied about this prior to this happening.  And I saw a vision which I’ll share with you as well, it’s very important.

Kim Sharing about his vision:

I want to say that I don’t take lightly what I am doing.  Some of you have written to me and said “Kim, for you to go away in isolation, not even to come on the show but to speak to us by phone means that something serious is happening.”  And I have never been an encourager of gloom and doom.  I’ve always believed in encouraging people and I’ve always believed that if we serve a God as big as what He is that there is some redemption always, no matter how bad the situation is.  I’ve listened to many prophets who I respect speak about judgment against America, and to a degree I can sometimes agree that people bring judgment upon themselves.  God doesn’t initiate that in this time of grace, however, it does happen. 

Whenever there’s an earthquake, people say “it’s the judgment of God.”  I disagree. Jesus has already said to us, told us, there will be rumors of wars, there will be earthquakes and famines and this is a sign of labor, labor pain.  What does that mean?  Something is being born.  There is so much bigger out of this. 

Why do we try to manipulate people by telling them that God constantly wants to judge them?  That mindset as I mentioned in my devotional makes them conscious of God’s judgment all the time, so “that will keep them straight.”  That doesn’t keep them straight.  Some of you watching me right now, you say “Kim, you know I’ve cried bitter tears, hoping that I missed the judgment of God but found myself going back to my sin.” 

It’s very sad that you would think that judgment will force somebody.  It did work in the Old Testament but it doesn’t work today.  What works today is God’s message, God’s word, God’s presence, the relevance to bear upon, to be there, that’s what makes the difference.  And the fact is that if we are not there, and we are not present to the moment, and we are not available to these people that suffer, and rather we are sitting on an island somewhere separated from them, then we have done a great injustice to the kingdom of God and to the Lord Jesus Christ. I want you to understand that we must be available to them.

Shouting about earthquakes – remember Elijah was right there in the middle of the famine at that time and brought about redemption.  He got rid of the prophets of Baal and rain came.  Our duty is to get rid of the things that are standing in the way for God’s blessing.

The vision and betrayal are upon us.  Why am I saying both?  Because the heavens are opened up and there is a great prophetic revelation present, but there is also betrayal present.


In Frederick, Maryland I had a prophecy a number of years ago………. If you look into my track record at least, and I’ve said this to the Osteens when I was there.  I said I have been given the power to see the future.  I do not always interpret it correctly.  That does not make me a false prophet; it makes me a wrong prophet at times.

There is a snake hidden in the Capitol

In Frederick, Maryland, I prophesied:  There is a snake hidden in the capital.  God says I will bring it out and this exposure shall cause the nation to shake, but God said, the shaking is good for America.  You are about to embark on a journey that you have never embarked upon before.  And from the south of your land, and throughout the middle of your country, from west and then back to south, east, north, they shall say “this has never ever happened before in our country, and in our culture.”

On Thursday morning, March 25th, I was awakened early.  I heard the Spirit of the Lord beckoning me to prayer.  During the following hour I received a vision that shook me.  I caught a glimpse of a long table.  I knew it was in the White House.  I saw a variety of clothing, western and eastern, and I suddenly heard a voice saying “The hand of the betrayer is on the table.”

The betrayer is seated at the table of kings celebrating with one thing in mind – to destroy God’s people.  That’s what this is all about.  Forget America, forget about cultures and nationalities and politics and religion; it’s basically just to destroy God’s people.  That has been the desire of the enemy throughout history.  Right from the beginning, to destroy God’s people; he hates God’s people, he hates anything God created, and so his ultimate goal is to get to God’s blood-washed redeemed and to get to Israel, God’s chosen people of the Old Testament.  He wants them to be destroyed and annihilated.  You are not excluded, my dear blood-washed friend.  You are not excluded.  So America is being focused on right now.  Israel is being focused on.  We know all that stuff.  You can go to Jack Van Impe and hear all the details and all the Scriptures.

I’m here to tell you about a vision.  They have one thing in mind – to destroy God’s people.  At the same table sits the deliverer.  In other words, at the table where this discussion is taking place, there is someone who has the key to deliverance in this nation.  I believe it is a future President.  However, we are talking about betrayal.

Written 2010 but true 2020

While he was speaking his word to me, I stood trembling.  – Do you know that when I saw this vision I literally stood in my office and waves, waves of God’s presence came on me and I wept and wept and wept and wept.  I just could not stop weeping, I was shaking like this and I suddenly saw that table and I saw these skirts and dresses and I thought oh my and then the Spirit said the betrayer is right there in the White House.  And I said, God please, not there surely, what are you talking about, how do you mean?  How can they be so close?

“Oh that wouldn’t happen in this day and age.”  Don’t you believe it.  That’s the biggest lie any religious spirit will get you to believe.  They want you to believe that God does not speak today.  He does.  And if you are a blood washed child of God I promise you that you will hear His voice. The way that you will is if you understand, and the way that you understand is to come to my school.  I had to put that in because I’m giving all my teachings of the School of the Prophet.  You’ve got to learn to hear the voice of God.
Let’s continue with my vision.

It is not Iran

In my vision I saw betrayal at a table.  There was no doubt that this is speaking of betrayal of the USA.  Our eyes are focused on Iran.  Take them off Iran.  That’s not the problem.  We’re looking at Iran and there’s a betrayer that’s coming from a different source.  We are focusing on the wrong one.  “Oh, Kim, you don’t understand.”  I do.  I’ve read the news, I’ve listened to it.  Everything is Iran preparing itself.  Yes, go ahead.  But the betrayer is someone that can get close.  The serpent is in the house.  I want to read something to you and I don’t want you to leave.

I said the serpent is in the house.  Now listen to me.  America has fought great enemies.  It’s fought a lion, the United Kingdom – Britain.  Remember where you came from, remember the battle for you to come to this country so that you could have religious freedom.  You fought a bear, you know who the bear is – Russia.  And this cold war continues. I want to read you a Scripture that will enlighten you so much.

The Scripture is Amos 5:18 & 19:  “Woe to you who desire the day of the Lord.”  Now try and not to take too much notice of that just for a moment.  “For what good is the day of the Lord to you.” 

What’s he’s saying is that you are expecting something but you’re not going to get what you’re expecting.  Okay.  That’s how the religious always were.  The Pharisees were expecting a different Jesus, a different Messiah, the Jewish people were expecting a different one and so he says you’re desiring something and it’s working out different.

Python Spirit

He gives an explanation here that I believe is appropriate for what’s happening today and to explain to you why I believe that the serpent is in the house.  He says “It will be (this specific day) as though a man fled from a lion, and a bear met him” so he flees the lion, he overcomes the lion – the next big force is a bear.  It’s right there, read it, verse 19 – and a bear met him.  What for?  To kill him.  But he overcame the bear “and he went into the house,  feeling that he was safe, leaned his hand on the wall and a serpent bit him.”  You know why?  Because there was a crack in the wall.  There’s a crack in the wall of the White House. 

And I want to tell you something, it’s as serious as that – The serpent is in the house.  The word “serpent” that they use is the word “pythos” or “python.”  So the word divination is the word “pythos” which is derived from the word “python.”  So we are actually speaking about divination. 

Pythos is the spirit of divination.  Let’s talk about a python just for a second.  A python is a non-venomous snake.  It kills by squeezing causing suffocation.  It has to get close to its victim before it can do it.  So how does it do it?  It removes the breath from its prey.

Divination and Serpent in the White House

That’s the spirit that is on the White House at this very moment. {2010} That’s the spirit that is in Washington, D.C. at this very moment.  That’s the spirit that I’m speaking about.  The serpent in the house is actually a pythos spirit which is a force of divination which is basically how the python works.  What does it do?  It has to get close to you before it can suffocate you removing the breath from the prey.  So it literally squeezes its victim to death.  That’s what I’m talking about.

America will overcome from the outside oh but it will not, if the enemy gets so close that it can bite in the house, and that’s the burden that I have, that’s why I shook, because I realize it’s so obvious to the righteous and to people in this country.  There are so many that are blinded to this “messiah” this “messianic president.”  And we have to pray.  And you know everybody’s doing their thing and trying to get people to understand. 


This is more than just a Republican or a conservative or a liberal thing.  This is much more dangerous.  The python, you must understand, has bad eyesight and doesn’t see very well and limited hearing.  So it uses its forked tongue to detect odors.  It has to detect odors, the tongue flicks in and out to collect air borne chemicals and dust and the more dust the easier it can detect the victim.  Dust speaks of flesh – “you will eat the dust” – that’s what He’s speaking about.  You have to get close and the only way you can detect it is by flesh, by non-spiritual affairs going on, and that’s what’s happening. 

Pythons swallow their meals starting with the victim’s head. Do I sound too dramatic?  “Kim, you’re as bad as the guys shouting the judgment!”  I’m just telling you what I saw.  This is the nature of divination.  The spirit has to get close to you to suffocate you so it does that by flattery.

Are you swallowing whole what is being said?

So there are three things that happen with this spirit:  It familiarizes, equalizes, and neutralizes.  It has to familiarize then it puts you on an equal, equalizes, and then it neutralizes you.  That’s what this force is doing. 

Prophecy after 2010

Russia is a serpent and I saw a hand-shake, a veil, and then shuffling of feet in a strange way.  I wasn’t to share this last week but He said you can do it now. And I mentioned a little bit of this.  I saw ten wars, ten battles taking place over a period of 18 months. 

These are enemies of Israel, enemies of the USA, and the USA is in the way.  The United States is in the way of an attack that would destroy Israel.  There’s a cynical plot to come as a friend and then betray.  And then the final thing that I saw and I want you to take note of this.  I saw a parchment with the word “Ecology” written on it.  I have no understanding of that but I want you to know that’s what I saw.

It is for you to preserve the prophet as well.    

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© Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission, from this blog’s author and/or owner, is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Thank you for cooperating in the effort to give glory to God.

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