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Quora rejected my answers. So I quit. I gave my answers from the Bible and they disagreed with them. That is intellectually dishonest so I thought it unwise to deal with them anymore. If people need to know information they must leave aside the people who already know everything and look to those who actually do know something.

What follows is my Q&A sessions for one year on a variety of subjects.

Why do some people say that a Christian pointing out a sin is “hate”?  Answered July 7, 2016

They say that because they do not know what hate is. Hate is not someone disagreeing with you or professing another point of view. Or pointing out a flaw.

Hate is a violent emotion which usually leads to a physical event of some kind, like assault or screaming or threatening harm. Someone expressing a point of view is just that, and based on the words of the Bible, yes, there are many sins.

Sin is separation from God or violations of the moral law; the moral law is in the Bible too and it basically is a violation of the holiness of God. Everyone has sins; it comes with being born a human.

People who do not accept the Bible or the moral law may get upset when they hear this, primarily because they have no experience or background in spiritual things. But you would not be upset if a physician told you that you had a disease; you would be thankful.

In the same way sin is an inner disease in the nature of man. The Judeo-Christian religious teaching and structure deals with the bad behavior of the human race and its cause at the root.

What is true of hate is also true of the word fear. Gays charge Christians with “homophobia” or fear of homosexuals, which is nonsense. No Christian needs to fear or hate a gay person or a lesbian. Unless of course that person is planning an assault.

People choose a lifestyle, a religion, or an opinion, and the Christian has chosen to believe the words of God and to try to live by His rules. The gays have made their choice too. (There is no “gay” gene.)

So it makes no sense to call a disagreement either hate or fear. It is what it is – a point of view and a choice.

If you have any questions about this, reading what the Bible says about sex perversion is a good idea and then you will know what believers are talking about.

Why did the “Never Trump” coalition in the Republican party eventually decide: ‘Never mind, he’s fine’?

Answered Oct 5

Full employment is the main reason. We had a lot of misery under Obama.

Are Americans increasingly retiring abroad because of cost of living in the U.S., healthcare costs, or for other reasons? In which countries is there a high standard of living for a low cost and with little likelihood of dangerous political unrest?,

Answered Oct 5

Many countries demand $2000 in monthly income per retiree which is more than most retirees get unless they have an additional pension. In which case they could afford it anyway. My friends go abroad for climate not finances.

Are developed countries developed because they are less corrupt or they are less corrupt because they’re developed?,  

Answered Oct 4

Levels of development have no bearing on corruption. Corrupt leaders are found at every place in life.

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Which specific federal laws does a POTUS violate when they request help from foreign governments to investigate their political opponents for influencing American elections?,  

Answered Oct 4

If you are getting your information from tv or the press then you might think this. The question involved federal corruption prior to 2016 and in no way applies to Trump.

Attorney Barr will be bring charges against the Bidens in due time and perhaps several others.

Do Americans have any right to know what the president talks about with other countries?,  

Answered September 30, 2019

Those conversations should be secret until the participants are dead.

Why does Texas want to secede from the United States?,  

Answered September 29, 2019

Texans talk about this all the time

The agreement Texas made with the feds was that they had the option to secede anytime. They get mad at the government and threaten. Now you know why how Texas votes is important.

What is the best part of the US Constitution?,  

Answered September 28, 2019

The Bill of Rights is unique and unlike similar constitutions (such as China’s) it has no exceptions.

How can we revisit the whole not taxing churches thing? What policy is in place that makes it so? Why are there not bills being proposed to change it?   

Answered May 22, 2019

Most churches provide so many valuable services cheaper and easier than government services that taxing them would bring in little money and load down local bureaucracies with added expense. In addition many parents do not trust government agencies and prefer private vendors. Catholic hospitals for example are much cheaper and have a great reputation. Lots of churches have day care centers which are well run.

Does bureaucracy separate people from the consequences of their actions?,  

Answered May 22, 2019

Bureaucracy always adds another decision making layer to personal plans, especially in areas like higher education and taxes.

What’s the reason for the current several decade low 3.6% unemployment rate?,

Answered May 22, 2019

The unemployed of 2008–2016 did not prepare themselves for a different job when the boom came alone. They were wacked out on opioids or marathon TV.

Did Karl Marx predict the financial crisis?  

Answered May 22, 2019

There are people, and I am one of them, who think the “crisis” was a political play. In economic theory no one is “too big to fail” so the nation took a hit to save a few companies.

Is this current booming economy only benefiting big corporations? I don’t see much growth in my local community. ,  

Answered May 5, 2019

Sadly I just moved from a place where I lived 32 years. The town council didn’t want anything new. Arby’s wanted to build a restaurant there and they said no. They wanted the status quo.

Even my bank left. Not all people can benefit from opportunity. It is sad.

Why do politics and the church get involved with women’s bodily autonomy?,  

Answered March 17, 2019

I think it is silly. It allows people to discuss what is not provable by science and hinges on opinion. You can’t base solid legislation on opinion because as soon as opinions change, and they always do, then you are stuck with stupid laws.

I love my coworkers who are democrats but they refuse to discuss politics with me unless I agree with them. How could I make it fair for both of us?,  

Answered March 17, 2019

You’re wasting your time. Get some new friends.

Donald Trump said “Those Republican Senators who voted in favor of Strong Border Security (and the Wall) are being uniformly praised as they return to their States. ” What do you think about his comment?

Answered March 17, 2019

Elections tell us what people think. The run up to an election only tells us what people want us to think. There is a big difference.

Why are ANTIFA so aggressive? Don’t they realise the hypocrisy of their behaviour?

Answered March 17, 2019

There is a thing called “will-worship.” You’ll find this is many dysfunctional groups.

Why do people tend to believe in absurd theories such as flat Earth, vaccines causing autism and “NASA faked the moon landing”?,  

Answered March 17, 2019

People do not like unanswered questions so they make something or someone the reason for the problem. It doesn’t solve anything but it makes them feel better.

Did some Nazis not have anti-Semitic ideas? If yes, what percentage of them were they?   

Answered March 17, 2019

According the Germans of the time, they thought Hitler was a flash in the pan and would eventually go away. By the time they caught wise, he was a dictator and had the government nailed down.

Why can’t Americans speak English?Answered March 17, 2019

Many educational systems are lazy, underfunded or over-funded, or the parents are not expecting very much. You don’t get what you expect, only what you inspect and they are not involved.

Why Does the Left Ignore Asians? March 17, 2019

Asians are raised to be self-sufficient. The Left depends on victims. I do not remember meeting a single Asian victim.

When is it most obvious to you that you are poor? ,  

Answered March 17, 2019

Poverty, at whatever level, limits your options – it all boils down to what you cannot do. So you live within those confines and try to improve financially so you can do something broader and more challenging. The same principle applies to disease and disability.

But it is not a death sentence. Many disabled or poor people are famous, valuable and produce for their fellow men.

Why did God create the universe?  

Answered March 17, 2019

God answers this question in the Bible. He made the earth for his pleasure and then wanted to share it with people. Seems a shame we made such a mess of it, doesn’t it?

Does living in a country with a high population affect how you see society?,  

Answered March 17, 2019

Very much so. In America, people speaking with each other need 3 feet between them or they feel uncomfortable. In China, where people live on top of each other, half a yard is OK. China’s population is 5 times larger than the USA and the same geographical size.

Whether the Flat Earth Society is actually right or not, at the end of the day why does it even matter?,  

Answered March 17, 2019

I’m not sure it makes much difference. They may think they are ravishingly beautiful as well. Whatever!

Should I get revenge? ,  

Answered March 17, 2019

I’ve written a lot about this at my blog Let God do the revenge. He’s better at it and has more practice.

Are there incarcerated people who fear getting out of prison and would prefer to stay in? Why would they feel this way?

Answered March 17, 2019

Inmates who have been in prison a long time are very much out of practice and have not kept up in any possible trade. It is difficult to get a job and there is no money in their pockets to start fresh. They are forced back into communities which are in many cases, also troubled or criminal. If they have health problems that makes things worse.

Could President Trump switch to the Democratic Party while in office?,  

Answered March 17, 2019

There is no plank in the Democrat platform that he would like, except perhaps prison reform which he has already addressed.

Do you think that if North Korea became more successful similar to how Vietnam is, would that threaten the Kims? If they became too successful, would that be threatening?,  

Answered March 17, 2019

Chairman Kim’s problem is not his being wealthy but the military men seeing their precious nukes disappear which allows them the option to assassinate HIM. Yes he should be nervous. You can only wonder what he will do.

Is it true that black people built the Great Wall of China, and it’s being covered up?,  

Answered March 17, 2019

The answer to that question is well known by the Chinese and the buried bodies of the many slaves who died on the project are right there where the wall stands today.

What do you think of Donald Trump saying he will make Kim Jong Un rich?,  

Answered March 17, 2019

If Chairman Kim wants to improve the lives of his people he will need to create prosperity, something Trump knows how to do.

How can I stop feeling like a bad person for a big mistake that made some people hate me?

Answered March 17, 2019

Apologize sincerely and then move on. If they wish to beat you over the head with your sins, forgive them and move on. Do not let other people define you.

Are there troubling points of similarity between the decline of the Roman Republic in the First and Second centuries BCE and the documented decline of American democracy since 1980?Answered March 17, 2019

If you are looking for causes look at the entitlement largesse of government and the dependencies it produces.

If there is only one true God, why are there so many saints?   

Answered March 17, 2019

All believers according to the New Testament are called saints. Only the Roman Catholic church singles out specific people as saints. Protestants say all of us are.

In light of the Trump era of world politics, how does America right the ship going forward?  

Answered March 17, 2019

If you will check the data you will see that America is moving forward now. Some individuals are not moving forward but that is always the case.

Where did the idea that “All men are created equal” come from? It doesn’t seem to be a historical maxim.  

Answered March 17, 2019

It is from the Holy Bible, as God regards all men as equal in His sight. They are not equal as to their character, qualities, looks, language or culture. Equality applies only to their standing before God.

The people who designed our system of government were almost without exception believing Christians and theists.

What are the odds of Trump winning 2020 because there are too many Democrats running right now? March 17, 2019

The number of candidates has little bearing on the election. Polls will show something worth reading when there are only 2 candidates. Otherwise it is a silly guessing game.

Are threads completely standard as to clockwise and counterclockwise or do some countries have their threads reversed? ,  

Answered March 17, 2019

Clockwise prevails in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern. Or maybe I have that backwards.

Why are politics divided into democratic and republican parties?

Answered March 17, 2019

The platforms of these parties are wildly different, especially now. Usually they are closer together in purpose and direction. This helps the voter makes a good decision.

Is it morally wrong to hire a college admissions consultant or try to bribe a college to get your kid admitted?

Answered March 17, 2019

Of course. It presents two problems: first it prevents a worthy candidate from having that spot, and 2nd it puts your own child in a difficult position trying to complete at a level they probably can not reach.

Why did some liberals provoke people about middle class squeeze when the fact is we’ve got more ‘upper middle class’?

Answered March 17, 2019

Class has no bearing on quality or character.

Why do you think America now has more millionaires than Sweden?,

Answered March 17, 2019

You must use a per capita figure since Sweden has fewer residents.

Has someone you admired/respected ever done something to cause you to lose respect for them?

Answered March 17, 2019

Yes, but there are many other people in my life. As much as I hate to see them no more, it is better not to try to mend the relationship.

How can I assimilate the American mainstream?,  

Answered March 17, 2019

This is an easy question. I’ve studied 6 foreign languages so I know how it is done.

Buy a 5″x 8″ notebook and hang out at fast food places. This will show you the language of the street, daily talk. Write down words you learn or think you need to study in your book. There are 25,000 words in an American’s vocabulary and there are clear cut patterns you will soon recognize. Nouns are the most important words to learn. This sounds overwhelming but it is not. There are only a few ways to order a burger and you will soon hear them all, so it is not 10 sentences but one sentence you can recognize in several forms.

Then go to a Protestant non-denominational church. They will have many different people there. Listen to them too. This is another form of speech. Find a black church too as they use different words and talk about different subjects. If people ask what you are doing there, tell them. It is no sin to be educated.

Then watch TV news every night – local news especially which mentions streets and common things like police and fire and government services.

Memorize all your basic numbers, days of the week, months, and measurements like quarts, pints, inches, miles. Learn how to count your own money correctly in English.

Finally listen to the radio. Pick a talk show where they have people call in with questions. This is another form of speech, usually better educated. Then if you feel comfortable with that, listen to some highly educated radio personalities, like Dennis Praeger, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity who will use bigger words and discuss other subjects.

There are some talk shows late at night too. John Batchelor is one of them and he uses bigger words than all the others.

Finally start reading a newspaper regularly, especially the letters to the editor. They will use ordinary words and you will learn to read English well.

You will get to know some interesting people as well and that will make it fun.

What should be the basis of American foreign policy?,  

Answered March 15, 2019

When America thrives so does the rest of the world, so our best shot for ourselves has a ripple effect. It also usually ignores the nations who are our sworn enemies and they lose ground.

How can a capitalistic society function if AI is taking jobs?,  

Answered March 15, 2019

Luddites asked this question in the 19th century. Definition of Luddite

one of a group of early 19th century English workmen destroying laborsaving machinery as a protest

broadly : one who is opposed to especially technological change The Luddite argued that automation destroys jobs

In actual fact, new technology brings more jobs and a higher standard of living. People who are replaced by machines will find more jobs that need to be done with interpersonal relationships, such as mental health, improving living in poor or backward nations.

People who know that they can stay current with life long learning will be fine. People who refuse to adapt will fail and be replaced. And these robots will need repair as well.

How can you remember all of the states in America?,  

Answered March 15, 2019

Using a colored map start at one ocean and memorize to the other ocean.

Is it a sin to pleasure yourself?  

Answered March 14, 2019

You can be sure that any word that begins with self is usually wrong – selfish, self-absorbed; self control is ok.

Is the United States the place that offers the most liberty in the world?,  

Answered March 12, 2019

Yes. How do we know that? Because this is the major nation in the world people are flocking to enter by hook or by crook.

Is Huawei China’s state supported and controlled global spying network? Is the Canada/US arrest of CFO Meng Wanzhou a dangerous precedent?,

Answered March 11, 2019

China pretends they have private enterprise but if you are rich and making big money the communist party is in the shadows somewhere.

How did the United States gain such a strong and deep military tradition even though it is a western democracy and western democracies historically have not emphasized the military while autocratic regimes have?,  

Answered March 11, 2019

Our forefathers noticed that historically the revolutions led by armies often ended up with military men running the country – into the ground. So they made the chief executive a private citizen voted on by the people, and it works.

Is there anything that Donald Trump has done up until now, that should get him impeached?,  

Answered March 11, 2019

Trump’s political enemies have spent (so far) $16 million trying to find a crime to get rid of him to no avail. Meanwhile the President has barreled along with reforms across a wide spectrum of areas. In a very real sense the constant investigations have keep others busy so he could do his job without much interference.

Given that U.S. military retirees can be court-martialed for crimes committed even after retirement, could they face military justice under Article 134 of the UCMJ for publicly criticizing President Trump?,  

Answered March 11, 2019

Because of the 1st amendment there are no penalties for free speech unless it promotes a genuine crime. For example, telling someone that another person was planning to kill them and the intended victim killed the other person first when there was no actual threat.

I am continually surprised at how ignorant people are of basic civics information.

Was Trump’s appeal to emotion in the second half of his Oval Office address a legitimate argument upon which to base policy on immigration? Shouldn’t we just deal with facts?,  

Answered March 9, 2019

With 900,000 people headed for our southern border and the local hospitals are already full to the brim those are facts enough.

Why should the country suffer because of indecisiveness in Congress?,  

Answered March 8, 2019

We voted them in and except for referendum and recall, which is a process to take them out, we must wait until the next election to be rid of them.

Why does the Senate have 100 members?,  

Answered March 8, 2019

This is to give each state 2 members and not allow the bigger states to dominate the process. Unfortunately when we voted for the direct election of senators we gave up this benefit and now partisanship dominates the Senate and makes them more and more of a problem.

Do Chinese people understand the meaning of the phrase “Rule of Law”?

Answered March 8, 2019

In China the communists rule, they make the rules and that is the law. Like it or lump it.

If there are more working class people in the USA, then how do the rich Republicans ever get elected?

Answered March 8, 2019

Simple. This notion of “rich Republicans” is phony. I live on social security and am a lifelong Republican. Democrats tell people they are for the common man, but guess who pays the nation’s bills?

When does disagreement with a person’s political ideology justify disrespecting them personally?

Answered March 8, 2019

Treason against one’s own nation is reason to split from a friend. It is equivalent to wanting the pilot to die when we are all in the same airplane.

What is a common misconception about the people of your country that the rest of the world seems to believe?,  

Answered March 7, 2019

This is widely believed – that we are all rich. They hear of someone who makes $15,000 a year for 4 people and think they must live like kings because they are earning $18 a day. They do not understand the inflationary economy we have here. I’ve heard this from Brits who should know better, also in China and France where I lived.

Chinese have no concept of the personal freedom we have. The Chinese must deposit $50,000 in dollars to leave the country. If they seek asylum here they lose their cash; and married families cannot travel together so some family members must stay home to guarantee their return.

Censorship is a constant daily problem. My Chinese friends looked frightened to death when I said I didn’t like our president. They would end up in jail for a comment like that. I gave some money to a church which didn’t have enough coal to heat the building. It had to be hidden because the government would have confiscated the money. They provided us a meal but had to throw out the frozen water in the bottom of the dishes before they could serve. (It was February.)

Bad governments always control by fear. They think our president is like that. The Chinese have no secret ballot, no land ownership (the communists own all the land), no guns, very few cars, and the nation is run on bribes you must pay to get even the simplest thing done. There are no nice movies about foreign countries, violent murderous movies are OK, and you can’t even buy a Hershey’s candy bar. The trade war is about opening up the usual consumer goods to the Chinese. Paper towels for example, are unknown. On the bright side, it is the best food I ever ate, and reasonable!!!

Why do less educated individuals more likely to support authoritarianism more than educated?Answered March 6, 2019

I have an Ivy League education, a MA, and half my doctorate and I support law and order. I do not call it authoritarian; I call it peace and prosperity. In contrast the Democrats are far more authoritarian; if you don’t agree with them they are out to shut you up, and add revenge if you are non-compliant.

That is life in China where I worked and lived. You do not want it I can guarantee.

What are realistic ways to make money as a teen (not selling lemonade)?

Answered March 5, 2019

Old people need help and their children are busy with work and raising families. Just make your pay reasonable. Do not overcharge, be on time always and never sass anyone. Some people may not pay you. Drop that person and go to another to offer your services. And don’t say you can do something if you don’t know how.

If you do a good job they will tell the neighbors and you will develop a client base. Keep your income straight – use a computer and a log of what you have done and who you worked for. You will gain pride in your abilities and confidence in public.

Democracy is a statistical error, because in democracy it decides the majority and most are formed of imbeciles. Do you agree with this opinion?

Answered March 4, 2019

That mental nonsense should be stopped. Where is the proof that the majority are imbeciles? Data? Where can you find that? And what arrogant rascal is making the decisions? You can’t make a good judgment based on opinion or immaculate assumptions.

Can an elected government be overthrown by its people?Answered March 4, 2019

Venezuelans want to know if they can do this right now. Let’s watch.

Should a government strive to run a country like a business or for the wellbeing of its citizens?

Answered March 4, 2019

It depends upon the motives of the management. China is fairly well run but who wants to live in a censorship dominated Communist nation? If the Washington DC bureaucracy is filled with lazy people yes we want a businesslike production but if the laws are wrong and inequitable, then a well managed government is a problem.

What do you think of democratic capitalism?,  

Answered March 4, 2019

Unfortunately the terms “democratic” and “capitalism” are so over used and under defined it is impossible to answer this question. PC politics has demoted the language to babble and now when we discuss politics, religion and creative ideas we are not using the same words because our media is redefining them for us.

When I recommend the economics of Adam Smith, which is the foundation of American free enterprise, no one has a clue. It is or was capitalism. Now, not so much.

How do you ‘break’ a disrespectful child?,  

Answered January 7, 2019

Find out why the child does not respect someone. That sort of thing does not happen by accident.

If someone owes back taxes, will it stop accruing interest while the government is shut down? If not, shouldn’t it? ,  

Answered January 5, 2019

Only some parts of the government are shut down, not all of it and you can be sure when it comes to money, nothing shuts down.

Is it time for a complete government structure overhaul?,  

Answered January 5, 2019

No. Voters need to get serious and start paying attention to what the PooBaahs in DC are doing. A journalist asked a person on the street what they thought of Benghazi.” “Who is Ben Ghazi?” was the reply.

Does the current funding stalemate set a dangerous precedent as a president and his/her party could demand anything at all, even unrelated to funding, from Congress with the threat of a government shutdown for noncompliance? ,  

Answered January 4, 2019

There are subsidiary issues here. This shutdown could offer a chance for people in non-essential government jobs to look for private sector jobs. 1.3 million of these are currently not filled. They are not jobs immigrants can do for the most part. It also gives people a chance to retire or even retire early. There are probably quiet hiring freezes going on in a number of departments. Also funding for some agencies has been reduced and employees could look at a lateral transfer. They would have an advantage.

According to an NPR TV program there are 450 million people right now today in this country looking for a better or a new job. It is a good time during the winter for people who have been unhappy in an old job to look around for opportunities and country wide prosperity encourages those who have been eager to change to do so.

In other words, this is about people and not just politics.

If I’m 14 years old, a Mexican, wants to compete in the figure skating Grand Prix Junior, and then keep dedicating to that, is it possible if I start learning and practicing now?

Answered January 4, 2019

I do not see why not if you can afford the rink fees. Keep in mind too that all other activities will end as long as you pursue this goal.

Why is corruption a social problem? ,  

Answered January 4, 2019

The entire society suffers when corruption is widespread. When I was in China a man asked me about traveling to America. He wanted to know how much the bribe would cost.

I was horrified. I said if you so much as breathe the word bribe you’d never seen the USA. But for him every negotiation required a monetary payment usually not to one but many people. Some people say it costs doubled on the price of goods and services but you never know the real amount.

What made you leave the demonic practice?,  

Answered January 3, 2019

I continue to fight the devil every day. His hatred for man is relentless. Too many people think this stuff is a lark.

My ex is still talking with me and has left stuff at my apartment by her choice, what does this mean?,  

Answered January 3, 2019

Perhaps she is hoping to return.

When a government shutdown happens, how much of the government is actually shut down? Some people must stay to keep the cogs turning.,  

Answered January 3, 2019

They close down “non-essential services” so all the required activities of government are covered. And police, fire and hospitals are not government managed anyway.

Those that recognize Trump as a self aggrandizing con artist, how will you forgive him, if you believe in the benefits of forgiving?,  

Answered January 3, 2019

I can forgive his style because he is turning the country around. Our gasoline here has gone from $2.69 down to $2.29 a gallon. What’s not to love? We are now in the USA totally independent of foreign oil. And he’s not done yet. So he doesn’t get any credit? So what. The voters know.

Have the people handing out literature at a polling location ever changed your vote?Answered January 3, 2019

Yes. a candidate stopped me and I voted for him. He was not on my list. He turned out to be a big mistake and caused no end of trouble as a town alderman.

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