Reincarnation – a Great Cartoon

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Cartoonists often have subliminal messages that even they may not understand.

This cartoon makes an interesting statement. First notice that the new person that Steve Jobs becomes when he takes on a new body is a lowly Chinese coolie in an Apple factory. This emphasizes the fact that the dead have no control over the future -when they are dead. Steve’s opinion no matter how lofty in life means nothing hereafter.

Second, the Buddhists don’t like to be ordered around.

Third, saying you are a Buddhist and saying you are in heaven may not be true at all.

What kind of heaven is it if you don’t have something valuable. It looks like Steve Jobs is on his own in a foreign place. Hell would be a Chinese sweat shop.

The standard assumptions of reincarnation is that your future life will be better – but not here. The next assumption is that you have somehow magically avoided a judgment day – not so. To be a lowly coolie is judgment enough, but to date we have absolutely no proof that anyone ever returns from the grave as a new personality, or a new person.

By the way, we have many testimonials, see YouTube, from people who have been to both heaven and hell. Not all of them seem truthful, but if you watch 8-10 of each variety you’ll get a good handle on what the real places are like.

Reincarnation is a theory and a false comfort that merely postpones a judgment and little more. And by the way, who wants to come back as less than before? Wouldn’t you like a little progress? Wealth, status, opportunity, accolades were for Steve Jobs on this side of the grave. As a coolie- nothing. Not much to look forward to, eh?

[added: please read the comment which follows.]

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4 Responses

  1. Correction: The person greeting Jobs in heaven is apparently God or St Pete. The irony is that karma is intimated here. Apple is blamed for sweatshop conditions in their Chinese factories; karma demands that the sins of the previous life are judged appropriately. What is so strange is that the cartoonist clearly has a Western view of heaven. He got it somewhere!

  2. I ran for a while, I got for a long time. More or less in order to describe the experience of your website. But some of us wonder what is this blog? Your current! The most beneficial web site I have at any time observed in living!

    1. And yours is a most interesting comment. You must be foreign-speaking, i.e. not English. The purpose of the web site is to encourage people to seek a God who speaks today to them. There are some Christian groups who say God has stopped communicating with mankind. Not so. Happy is the person who asks God a question and gets an answer. Of course the Bible has many answers, but some groups (i.e. Muslims) have no Bibles available, but that doesn’t stop God from speaking. A heart willing to learn is all one needs. Blessings to you. Be teachable.

  3. The cartoon of course mocks Reincarnation – why would anyone choose life, Real Life, when there is a nice Sugar Daddy just waiting to keep everyone in cozy comfort for eternity? That’s like asking why work for a living when there is a nice Sugar Daddy giving away millions so that we can have a nice life? Problem is that such Sugar Daddies don’t exist – God, the Sugar Daddy doesn’t exist either
    Heaven is Fools Gold – those thinking that they will get to live the easy good life are ALSO coming back as Trees or Pets – Dog, Cat – my sister’s cat does nothing all day – just eats, poops and sleeps – zero worries or responsibilities! Heaven!
    God has given us this Gift of Human life – to be dreaming of Completing Einstein’s work to being a Dog – satisfied with 3 meals a day! What a fall!

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