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Public identification of a faith

The article points to attending religious services and the fact that now four out of five people identify with one of the world’s great faiths. But religion is not faith. Religion is a process of addressing religious concepts. When you tell your mother you are brushing your teeth each day “religiously” she knows you mean that you are faithful to do what she required when you were seven years old. And hopefully you also have faith that with consistent brushing you will forestall any dental emergency or surgery.

But that the faith that is presented by any one religious system may or may not be inside your inner most being, and something for which you are willing to die should that be required. Faith is measured by its being tested, not by its being followed as a public acknowledgement.

Faith is inside; religious is outside

And that is what it should be after all. Faith is the substance (which no one really sees) of something already hoped for, and that hope as well is not visible to outside viewers.

Abraham is the father of the faithful. He is not the father of the Faith. Yahweh fathered the faith, The faithful are those who are full inside with faith and have proven themselves faithful over the fullness of time. Faith is not a one time thing.

Religions change. Faith does not.

Faith is always tested. Religions have tests too, but since they are run by men, that is human beings in authority, they change with the season. Faith does not change because it is based on the word of Yahweh and He said, “I am the lord. I change not.” People who change Christian doctrine to suit themselves need to re-read that sentence. You can change the word of Yahweh at your peril.

Secular adaptations of the faith are failing

The article also notes that the secularization of some churches who lose members in the process. Or perhaps they attract new members who want their sins endorsed. No matter. The Bible says in the last days there will be a division and people will take sides. We see that everywhere across the planet.

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