Social Justice as a Picture of Intolerance

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Here is one of many websites that promote ideologies that rather than support an idea, instead condemn anyone who disagrees with them.  This is an accurate definition of a cult, the worship of one own opinions.

See What We See: Children’s and Young Adult Book Reviews

I am using my vacation time to reblog or post places that support ideas which  present as political but are actually theologies. For example,  the gay lifestyle is a religion.

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Why are people Perfectionists? You can say it’s genetic, but what you mean is that your parent was perfection-obsessed and you copied that in order to survive in his or her home.

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Do You Have A Call to the Ministry?

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It was clear to me this man had even at age 68 a call to be a pastor. God has no retirement age. Out of that struggle you become a key person. You moved from servant to friend.

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