Socialism: The New Father Image

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Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Socialism is a governmental system run by people who have no real authority, educators who are told what to teach and when, and then are paid a stagnant wage. Unlike real life their individual value or accomplishment is of no consequence; they are a cog in the government wheel.  They are paid by “The State” whatever that might be, and have little impact on what The State decides. The classroom is run by women, receiving checks from The State.

Absent Fathers

Meanwhile at home, the fatherless family is the same; women receive a piece of paper (some sort of financial asset) from a bank, or the government, an absentee father who may or may not be making the payments, or a male employer.  The government becomes the father in effect, and real fathers are not there, not demonstrating their job as head of the home or involved in real work.

Media image of men

Men on TV have a good time, or have upper class jobs like architect in The Brady Bunch which allows them to supply for six children and a full time housekeeper.  This is not reality programming. (My husband was an architect and could not afford that large a family even as head of his own practice.)

Father Knows Best is dead. George in It’s a Wonderful Life had a real job, providing for a community, but that was 1940 in a black and white movie. Valuable men, like soldiers, are routinely mocked by the media even though they give their lives for the country and are not paid all that much for the privilege. Norman Rockwell is dead too.

The Catholic Church is made up of adult men taking orders from a “mother” church. The fatherless boys see women in charge of everything but not as the real authorities. Protestants have the same problem, having allowed bland social programs to take over much of the preaching content and suffering loss of members for their effort. Church attendance is down to 1:4 believers in attendance. But, male attendance is up, perhaps because God is less of a threat to individual choice and men feel safer from having God’s will demanded upon their choices.

Working men are hidden away

100 years ago this was not so.  Fathers worked in the fields, most were engaged in farming, or heavy work which labor unions applauded.  Kids knew who the father was and what he did.  Men were husbands, a word which means someone who “prepares the needs of commerce and life,” as in the verb, to husband one’s resources.  That is what my husband and grandfather did and what my son does now for his family.

The Bible says we are made in the image of the Father

All the efforts of today’s wandering youth are looking for the “image of the father” as my friend Paul Benjamin puts it.  That image is the masculine, in charge guy, not the TV version of the loose sexual deviant who plants children and then lets the socialist government raise them.  They drink and carouse and have a great time.  If they are lucky they get a job singing or dancing with the stars. They have no other function. 

Pink hair and selective genders

Every modern problem goes back to this fake image.  The transgenders looking for “Who am I?”  Your DNA tells you who you are, silly.  It is anti-science to say anything else, but science is now politicized and socialized as well.  The fatherless sport purple or green hair, and a body full of tattoos, glorify emotionalism, and the incredible fiction that emotions not ideas rule. Now there is a pit of delusion to end all.

That makes Maury Povich and Jerry Springer the intellectual leaders of the lower class, Dr. Phil of the upper class, and Ellen of the rest. This is that sanctuary where one can enjoy life without shame or embarrassment in hedonistic bliss.

Socialism puts docile women in charge

Socialism always elevates the status of women, not because they love women all that much, but to reduce the authority of men to an equal level, to a point where men do not feel adequate to contest the now all-reaching authority and power of The State. From this vantage point the authoritarians are now in position to effect communism which is total control.

The school system does not teach socialism – it models it. 

The real workers who put the money into the government coffers are unseen and un-applauded, except for self-absorbed sports figures and media stars, many of whom have been defrocked by sexual harassment charges, or the very wealthy.  But even the great entrepreneurs of our time, Tim Cook, Steve Jobs, Tesla had no public face.  They were strange birds and did great things.  They were not fathers in a stable home.

Contaminated school textbooks

Tenured college professors in government schools and universities are not the only dogs-in-the-manger. Textbooks are a problem having been influenced by author-editor Howard Zinn, openly communist author of a textbook about America that makes us appear the world’s demonic overload. If your Millennial is a socialist you can point to Zinn. One of the first jobs of education reform is wholesale editing of texts and more inclusion of history and civics. Most American under 50 are political ignoramuses. They know not a word of how we have Americanized the world so that millions are flocking to get in.

Teach males to think

My goal as a teacher of “thinking” is to show males how to get control of their emotions first by showing them how to analyze and judge information properly. This gives them a substitute father.  Their own minds will be able to process the world and relieve them of the burden of being modeled by it.  Real life is not the one in the cultural mirror.

In fact, all life models socialism which is why the most successful people are those who came out of a stable home-life, frequently home-schooled or allowed to be individual persons separated from the mirror of fallen and deviant society. It is a small lot indeed.

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