Spiritual Roots of Obesity

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I’ve been asked to comment on obesity.

Obesity is a symptom not a cause.

The “flesh profits nothing” says God but women nevertheless get fat and rush to flesh answers – diets, exercise, mud baths and massages. We know about poor nutrition. Additives, steroids in food and pesticides can cause a host of problems such as allergies, water retention, weight gain etc.

High fructose corn syrup is an additive known to cause obesity. Check your labels and do not buy! Nutrition books can help on this point – what to eat and what to avoid. Here is an example. Avocados have a bad rap. Women say – no, no don’t eat them BUT an avocado has 45 calories and the best fat for digestion. A muffin has 125 calories and nothing much good at all except taste. Know your food facts.

Spiritual causes

Spiritual causes are infrequently discussed if at all. I was surprised to move to Texas and learn I had two major vitamin deficiencies. Years of living on pasta made a difference. I knew my diet was wrong but I was loaded with debt and I do think excessive debt can lead to overweight – because debt is, after all, added weight.

Fear of poverty This is complex. I have known people who actually were so poor as children that they overate to be sure they would not starve in the future; they store up calories for the day when they have nothing. This is hard to break. One must exercise faith that God will provide. A family does not actually have to be poor to have fear of poverty. My mother used to say if I was not good she would send me to the poor-babies home. So she generated a fear of poverty in me when we actually had enough to eat.

Depression; this is a scripture in Isaiah 61 – the spirit of heaviness or depression. Notice that praising God is an antidote. Perhaps if we spent 20 minutes in praise choruses and prayer instead of eating? I have not tried this. Depression is anger turned inwards. However, you can be skinny and still be depressed.

Self hate – Most hate is not weight-based except self hate manifests itself in a big butt. I learned this working with black women and my teenage daughter who is white.

Assumptions do not help

Gluttony – I notice it is common for overweight people to ask for prayer then someone mistakenly prays for gluttony for them. This is the natural man not the spiritual man talking and leads to additional problems for the individual. In your class someday tell your students that there is such a thing as skinny gluttons and notice the squirming! Yes, there are skinny gluttons. Some lucky people have metabolism that processes food quickly. We should never pray for someone without first consulting the Holy Spirit – many ministers do not.

Today we use the term obsessive-compulsive behavior for gluttony which includes every form of over indulgence including hoarding, alcohol, drugs, chocolate, food, spending money, gambling – many things come under the gluttony heading, all intended to make us feel better at some point. Comfort food is a good name, but why does someone need more comfort than his body can take? Why is comfort the goal?

Addictions can apply to anything.

Unfortunately food is cheaper than say gambling or pornography.  America seems to be particularly prone to addictions. But the wise counselor looks for reasons.

Search for reasons

Guilt is a heavy load and may manifest itself in overweight. It does not need to be real guilt. Many people do not accept or are unable to accept the forgiveness of God; perhaps other people keep reminding them of past sins. I was in prison work for nine years. So many inmates had family members who were unforgiving and then staff would continually remind prisoners – “you have a record,” piling guilt upon guilt.

Un-confessed sin – it can be real sin or the devil dragging sin out from under the blood. This can be the person or someone in the home. If the husband rags about weight you can be pretty sure the wife will GAIN. A husband who does this may be a control freak and the weight a side issue that keeps her under his thumb which means the fat is not the issue at all, and never was.

Finally, the Bible says we are to pursue holiness in spirit, soul and body – in that order! (1 Thess 5:23) The spirit controls the soul, the soul controls the body. Diets start at the body which is why they so often fail. Failed diets make things worse. If you are fat, seek God’s word not man’s. You’ll get the truth that way.

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12 Responses

  1. feelings of shame and a self doubt are also causes of obesity. most thin people are too high on life to even for a moment think that they are not worthy of God’s love. they act like adults and do not exhibit childish behavior. the level of responsibility needed may be a burden but then it is the Sisyphean Struggle. what does not kill you only makes you stronger. pain can be your pal provided you choose to take a modicum of frustration and do not give in, give up or give way. the only way is to give it all you got. all it takes is all you got. even if the world is against you, your faith should be so great that you stand your ground. that is the truth and the way of the weight loss journey. it is sheer will power and energy and drive from the ground up.

  2. Very good points. Thank you. I also would posit that people are often trying very hard to being someone else. For example, I noticed that new Christians would love to have a heaing ministry but when you suggest perhaps God has called them to demonic deliverance or intercession they aren’t so happy about the option because it is controversial, or hard work. The Bible says that comparing ourselves to others is not wise, but it can lead to disappointment too asnd unmet expectations.

  3. It’s a scientifically proven fact that women carry fat in certain places….this does not equal self hate! If so than everyone “hates” themselves as fat is stored in the gluteals! And how lame to add it is a “blank women” issue. Your ignorance is transparent.

    1. Please look up the word spiritual in a dictionary. It is not physiology, or anatomy or nutrition etc. The spiritual world has the greatest impact on the natural world. It is the core of reality. It takes time and attention to detail, and an open mind.

  4. Can you expound on where it is in the Bible that black women have big buts because of self hate? I’m a black woman and I do not have a big but’ however I have acquaintances of other nationalities that have big buts as well. Could it not be that our Father in Heaven made us this way? No two are alike because He is a Creatior and not a manufacturer. I think it is shameful and an insult to God Himself to make such a poor, foolish and unfounded state. Can you explain why white women have thin top lips and get lip and but injections to have big buts. Would that be considered self love in reverse?

    1. I am at a loss to know where this idea about black women is. Self hate is common in white women as well. Small upper lips are common in Northern European genetic stock, but changing our appearance seems to be dictated by fashion magazines. We have a choice – we can allow God to define and refine us, or we can seek the approval of the world system. But regardless, spiritual values make their imprint on our lives. We have an obligation to recognize them for what they are.

      1. My technology failed me for 2 months so I’ve been unable to respond. Once again, this is a spiritual matter. Human bodies carry externally and internally indications of spiritual problems. We can all recognize a alcoholic when we see him, and drug users can easily be spotted by rotting teeth, body sores, and skin that looks like cooked pasta. Excessive weight gain is associated with depression as in Isaiah 61:3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified. God gives us clues in the Bible but we bleep over them without realizing He is speaking to us about the whole of life.

  5. Proverbs 23:2 is the solution to obesity. It comes down to knowledge about the hidden things added to our “delicacies” by the rulers (govt/big agra) who control our food supply. And they are doing this on purpose. Obese slaves are easy to control and provide good cash flow (aka “cash cows”) for the corrupt system. Learn what to avoid and the weight will come off. Start by avoiding most mass produced bread products, sodas and sweets. I guarantee if you do just those 3 things, the weight will start coming off pretty fast. It’s not hard either when you make it a habit and see these poison filled “delicacies” for what they really are. Look at Food Babe’s website for more info on the absolute abominations they are slyly putting in our food. They synagogue of satan (Rev 2:9 and 3:9) are behind the fattening of America because nany of Jacob’s descendants are here and these fake jew imposters hate us. That’s why they stole our true identities and are now trying to enslave us and destroy us all.

    1. This is good natural advice, but I would hope that readers realize that bad attitudes are as much as physical reality as a spiritual one. Young people often say they want to change the world, which is a good ambition. What they do not know now is that first they must change themselves. Our bad thinking affects how we work and live.

  6. I don’t get the black women hate themselves and therefore have big butts. You took such care to explain your views on everything else but this comment was left field, wrong and honestly plain racist. How do you substantiate your claim? Further it causes me to question your “wisdom” in the rest of the article because I can’t understand why someone would be so careless to communicate a point with an unnecessary, unsubstantiated “fact”. This article was haphazard both medically and most importantly spiritually. Body of Christ, we have got to do better.

    1. There has been hacking on my site and I’m having trouble with a number of issues. I’ll respond to this a little later. Thank you for your input.

    2. I failed to mention that it was my eldest daughter where I first saw this. She is white. But it was working with so many blacks in the prison system that I saw this first hand and with many women. This is a diagnostic observation.

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