Romans 12:3

God eventually reaches everyone

What about the People who Never Hear about God

Obedience to the revealed will of God is the standard by which each of us is ultimately judged. How can He do this? God is not unfair. If you have little information and little faith that is what you are expected to utilize in your search for God. To whom more is given, more is expected.


Religion Saves No One

getting-tired-of-reform-theology – Secular humanism says man is more pure and corrupted by the world. – both wrong

God Defines Faith

Hebrews 11:6 And without faith it is impossible to please him. The man who approaches God must have faith in two things, first that God exists and secondly that


Dealing with Shame God's Way

It’s tempting to think of shame as a bad thing.  To understand how to deal with it, let’s look at our First Pair, Adam and

Symbolism – Colors and Their Meaning

The Bible contains the meanings of colors and asks us to compare spiritual with spiritual, not spiritual with the natural interpretation. Dreams occur the natural

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