The Battle is the Lord’s Part 1

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If you are censored on Facebook or Twitter, de-platformed or find warning messages popping up on your website and posts, you have stumbled into a spiritual war between God and Satan. Here is what you need to know.

A 5-part series on Spiritual Warfare

All mankind is divided into three warring parts

All adults, all nations and language groups are involved. Group One is soldiers for the cross who know the nature of the battle and the enemy. Sun Tzu, famous Chinese warrior said, the first rule of war is to know your enemy or for Americans, the enemy is Republicans and Christians. And this group does.

Group Two is those who have made a decision to pursue personal or political goals of sex, money and power – the god of Self. Many are deceived, and many are not.

Group Three is the general public going about daily lives either completely ignorant of the spiritual battle warring around them, or because they have no personal repentance of sin, are led into false thinking.

The Spiritual Man knows this – the Natural Man does not

The Bible says of Group Three “The Natural Man receives not the things of the spirit of God.” (2 Corinthians 2:24 14 But the person without the Spirit does not receive what comes from God’s Spirit, because it is foolishness to him; he is not able to understand it since it is evaluated spiritually.) The unseen spirit world is the battle ground where it is either won or lost. We know from God Himself that He will win in the end. We’ve read the last page of His book. WE WIN. But the end is not yet.

Along the way there will be lost battles. Some whole nations, like Russia and China bowed to Satan, but authoritarian governments are coming down, slowly but gradually and we have this hope that our Chinese friends – and they are many – will be able to shake off the yoke of socialism-communism-fascism which are the political systems of Satan and his adherents. They lure with sex-money-power to gain devotees and then in the end, once sucked in, their victims lose personal control over their lives. Like masks.

Masks – dictatorship of an entire people.

We had in 2020 and 2021 a season of wearing masks which gave people a taste of control factors hinting at what a really dangerous government is possible in only a small way. Masks had an original value; the devil always uses something that has merit, and then corrupts it.

Then in true form – they started after the private, legal use of guns. It is a given theology for dictators – take away the guns. Every dictator does this. The constant harangue about control of guns is a reminder that without free access to guns a populace is doomed. Tyrants require an unarmed public. But many nations did not require masks and did fine both physically and financially showing us all that we were scammed. (e.g. Sweden, New Zealand, Norway.) Spiritual warfare is about the little things too as well as big ones.

There is no Volunteer War

If you were born on planet earth you became a soldier in this war that started before the dawn of time between a righteous God and an ambitious personification of evil. Even though you had no original place in this war, your birth on earth puts you in the middle. All human beings arrive as individuals who must deal with the issue of personal sin and their relationship or lack of it with a creator God. God said in His Word that humans have about 70 years to figure this business out, and make their decisions.

All religions try to deal with this dilemma; only Judeo-Christian religion has a handle on the truth, and even it, throughout history, wobbled on a slippery slope of message and understanding. But those who know both God and his enemies are involved with this war.

Today 2021, this war has come to a head

In addition to the invisible demonic kingdom, there are other enemies of God, areas of influence in the lives of men – Business, Entertainment, Bureaucracies such as schools and also what is supposed Science, and now appears to be also politicized, and the biggest problem of all, the Media which spreads diversions as well as lies. For example, orange hair has virtually nothing to do with good government. The devil and his Kingdom use every device to divert your attention towards God. What you believe is his focus; WHO you believe in is the core of the Knowledge of Ood. When you learn how to believe in WHO, He explains the What.

The False Prophet – The Media

The False Prophet predicted in the Book of Revelation is the biggest enemy in America which generates controversies about personalities while the major issues of policy and real long term damage to the culture and daily living deteriorate. The fact that TV viewerships have markedly reduced, and movies have many fewer attendees shows how this problem of propaganda is being gradually recognized by the general public. Media changes your identity from them image of God to the image of failure.

What about Hell?

This is not about hell. This is about Right Now. Hell on earth is what Satan is up to, and drawing you into his plan. In order to get and maintain control, the Enemy of our souls touches everything.

So to recap – we have three groups of people involved in the battle; we have a large swath of God’s blinded enemies scattered in business, government, schools and colleges, and religious systems that are focused on self. Media Giants pander to sex and violence and spread lies about any action or individual who might limit their influence or take them down, while small businesses try to survive without taking sides. But when it comes to God, we all must take sides in the end.

Satan has defiled everything on the planet

Every major controversy of the 21st century has the fingerprints of Satan on it – this list is long – abortion is key, same-sex marriage, transgender surgery and the position of transgender athletes which successfully prevents women from competing in sports, racism, both false and true, and planned and paid for riots and violent protests backed by big-money antagonists, and more recently nonsense-history like Critical Race Theory which expects us to believe that the flesh is everything.

Satan hates women by the way. There are fewer females on the planet today than men. This is partly because abortion policy favors males who make more money so parents want at least one male. Satan needs females in sexual trafficking and deviance, and for them to maintain prostitution levels for sexually transmitted diseases which destroy health and lives, and prevent the birth of normal, healthy babies.

It is impossible for most people to fathom the great hatred Satan has for God and His people.

Satan has zero interest in people. No promise made to you will he keep in the end since his goal is only to destroy you as an act of revenge against God. It was never about you and he never negotiates. Satan wants worshippers, but he cannot create people as God can. So he either seduces them or destroys them.

God’s soldiers become victors, not victims

A person who believe his entire prayer life concerns himself and his immediate circle is no threat to the devil; in fact, the devil knows that to keep him out of his hair, he need only bug him with problems of health, finances and emotional miseries. If that fails he can generate personality conflicts in church. But if you join the war in pursuit of principalities and powers, you become a threat, and because God’s soldiers always win, the devil has fewer reasons to mess with you.

When you understand this, you know the nature of this war. You begin as a pawn in it, so God makes you a soldier instead.

For additional study watch Eleventh Hour with Robin Bullock on YouTube. Click here:

See Part 2 to become a trained soldier.

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