The Bible Speaks to the Election Crisis of 2020

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God’s Gonna Turn It Around

Jesus prophesied thousands of years ago – the increasing lawlessness of American society and His return. We’ve been talking about it for 70 years and now that it is here – surprise, surprise.

“You will be hated of all nations.” he said. That includes the USA. Matthew 24:9.

“Evil doers will grow greater and greater,” he said. 2 Timothy 3:13 Then Jesus returns. I believe this is the last honest election tally we will have and after the Republicans finish, the evil will have increased so the globalists take over. This means about 9 to 11 years.

In the book of Acts, God said he made nations and their boundaries – no globalism. (Acts 17:26) But, the church is global – just the opposite of secular religion. Globalism is the agenda of the non-democratic societies and political systems. It seeks one world government which, obviously, would not be either Christian or godly.

We should be prepared. We can’t be responsible for California and its bankruptcy either. It is creeping east. Colorado is now controlled by drug money. Drug PACS sent piles of money to NC for our election of some house members.

Jesus repeated that He would, “Come quickly.” The time is now and we are praying, “Oh No, stop these hoards of rioters,” like BLM and Antifa, MS13, the Chinese mafia, the coyotes, all out there poised to take over areas where there is weak leadership or irresolute law enforcement.

Most Christians do not know of the prophecies of the end times or how close it is upon us. The churches have been losing members and many of the previous members know little about their Bible. Here is a brief selection you can read for yourself in a Bible online should you not have your own copy.

Read Matthew 24 and Revelation 6: War, Famine, Crime, love grows cold, international missions increase, ridicule of believers and God, prophecies fulfilled

Read Luke 21 – Earthquakes, epidemics and diseases. Remember Luke was a medical doctor.

Read Revelation 11 and Daniel 12 for relevant prophecies.

Malachi 3:6 = “I am the Lord, I change not.” God is not changing his mind. What He said, He said. We must instead be prepared.


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