The Prophetic Relationship between The White House & The Occult

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Average Americans have viewed the escalating problems today as political; instead they appear to be religious. Obama’s tenure as President didn’t complete its goal as God of Destruction until it became the handler for Joe Biden.

The many references to occult practices and images may mean nothing to most voting Americans but they are well known across the world. The near-maniacal insistence on child sacrifice, known as abortion here, and a death agenda girds the entire system. It is not well known that Hitler was also into occult practices, but certainly his death program is known everywhere.

Luciferians like to show off their conquests in public, confident that a majority of people will not know what is actually happening. At a recent (October 2021) anti-abortion event at the US Supreme Court a witch showed up to indicate that curses were being put on the participants and the court. Photos of this are under copyright.

Amanda Grace references crimes against humanity, medical experimentation on humans, as part of the current agenda which several prophets say will lead to Nuremberg-type trials in the future.
This man was an eye-witness to the mass slaughter of World War 2 death camps, and judge at those trials.

Child sex trafficking as well as sacrifice of children in Satanic services are examples of Crimes against Humanity. There is a record of the latter occurring in the White House.

Because I am not a witness to this, I include these testimonies from others.


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