The Prophets Have Spoken

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God makes the decisions about who is in power and when. King Saul lost his kingship years before he actually left office and was replaced by King David. Obama’s presidency ended when the Seal fell off.

Hundreds of hours of prophecy

This year the number of Christian prophets has increased by dozens. Robin D. Bullock says when “the government goes rogue, the prophets speak.” From mid June to the present time, they gave parts of the following prophecies regarding our rogue government. There is a wide agreement among them. (Yes, there are false prophets, but they are always known’ by saying Peace Peace and there is no peace.’)

  • President Trump has never NOT been president. He will return to office. (Hank, Dixon, Robin D., Deb) A list of the prophets appears at the end.
  • Almost all Media is or has been lying. A major media outlet will collapse. (Amanda)
  • China’s stock market will crash in October. Expect a surprise expose in the US Supreme Court.
  • God’s slowness in bringing judgment is due to the fact that it is worldwide. Canada’s evils will be exposed (Amanda), Italy (Dixon) and wherever abortion is rampant. Israel’s current leaders are confused and not God’s choice. (Amanda) Their secret plans God ‘gutted.’
  • All prophets say Washington DC, in all corners, all departments and divisions will be exposed. Chief sin is abuse of children, sex trafficking and abortion. Planned Parenthood is coming down. We should see this begin now and continue through next year. Indictments and arrests have been hidden from public view.
  • God is purging the church of secret cabals and deals to keep false anti-Christian leaders in charge.
  • Joe Biden is not now and never has been president. (Many prophets repeat this.)
  • A pandemic is coming on the children of the wicked one. (Robin) He also nicknamed Dr. Fauci the Jab Master. His (Fauci’s) record is also being exposed.
  • Why this crisis at this time? The devil seeks to bring in the AntiChrist early in order to eliminate the last harvest of souls in the next 4 years, a billion at least. A major group of revivals has already begun in California. (Murillo & Kent) God seeks a decision from literally everyone before the end. After that, the worldwide depths of depravity take over, the rapture and the final judgment on this age. It is closer than most think, if they think at all.
  • Judgment especially is falling on those leaders who seek personal worship as gods. The common judgment on these is “bowel trouble.”
  • Many new prophets are coming out in public in spite of censure and slander.
  • Barak Obama’s presidency ended when his seal fell off the podium. (Robin) Biden’s presidency is a continuation of Obama’s and being directed by him. In June Robin saw that Biden had vomited on the carpet on Air Force One.
  • Timothy Dixon predicted all the states where election fraud had occurred, some judgments in those states, for example, 3 tornadoes in Atlanta area, and even include election fraud in NC which did not involve Trump’s election, which is why it is probably ignored. He also predicted some specific judgments on those states. Dixon has had death threats.
  • Two government leaders will die on the same day – one in the morning then one in the afternoon. This was prophesied by Deb Williams this year and also by Kim Clement a few years ago before his death in 2016.
  • Rogue governments in the states are also under judgment. We’ve seen California and New York, but there are others.
  • Foreign entities were involved in 2020 election fraud and they too will be exposed. China, Iran, Russia,
  • False church and false church leaders will be exposed. The true church is known by holiness and righteousness. God said there ill be an end to the counterfeit church. (Kent)
  • Enormous wealth transfer will go from the wicked to the righteous. Several prophets mentioned this.
  • There is political, religious and personal corruption in the military which will come forth. There are also many patriots in the military as well actively working towards the restoration of honorable government. (Amanda and Dave)
  • Many whistleblowers in many states came forward to confess lest they end up in federal prison. This is why talk of fraud has died down.
  • Prophets mentioned praying especially for only one Congressman, Madison Cawthorn 11th District North Carolina, three times from June to September. (Hank, Dixon, Robin)
  • The goal of the present Government of the USA is the destruction of Christianity to enforce control by sexual license everywhere.
  • There will be a Christian revival in the Congo, Iran, Cuba, China, Urganda. (Robin)
  • If you have concluded that God is judging the world right now you are correct. 2022 will bring a new era.
  • Satan worship including human sacrifice in Washington DC will be exposed. This will be a great shock to the nation and bring down both Democrat and Republican parties. A new political party will arise.

If you wish to check on this you will find most of these prophecies on YouTube. Some have been removed by censors, probably those who know they are true. Otherwise there is no reason to censor, is there? Robin D. Bullock, Amanda Grace and Dave Stockstill, Kent Christmas, Deborah Williams, Lion and Lamb Ministries, Timothy V. Dixon, Mario Murillo, Hank and Brenda Kunneman, Bonnie Jones and the late Kim Clement. I watched them about 2 hours each day and made notes.


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  1. Print this out and use it as a chart of how these prophecies come true and when. God wants His People to know He is still speaking and His warnings are for our benefit and understanding.

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