Tower of Babel – 2021 Version

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You remember the Tower of Babel – 4,200 years ago, i.e. 2200 BCE? The human race all spoke the same language so they got together and decided to build a tower to replace God of the universe. How they were to get out of the oxygen-deprived airspace around earth never seemed to cross their minds, but no matter. God saw their plans and scrambled their languages so they could not understand each other, a situation which continues to this day across the planet. Precious few people speak more than one language correctly.

Now 2021. There are many foreigners who want to take over the United States, for our riches, our land, our freedoms. They listen to our videos and news sources, and concoct plans for the day when they can move here and enjoy what the natives (Americans) have built for 200 plus years. They include the prophets of God because they do believe that God is who He is, even if they want to replace Him. But God has His own new way of scrambling the languages.

Scrambling the Languages 21st century style

Foreigners begin English study by reading and learning the written language. This kind of learning does not prepare them for the spoken language, hearing it or understanding it. Foreigners need years of listening to real Americans speak their words, slang, and cultural idioms in order to truly know what is being said. As a consequence when they are watching our prophets, both political and secular, they must use the written captioning as their guide. {A sample cultural idiom would be “keep the fox out of the hen house.”}

God is messing these captionings up – Big Time

God is scrambling the captions on YouTube videos. I’ve collected a sample group of them over a period of time. The snooping editors and translators have zero way of making head or tail of what is actually being said.

Some of the mistranslations border on hilarious.

  • Lightning = unlikely
  • Red Sea = rent ceiling
  • Baal = bagel
  • Arc of Baal = bail out
  • Stand with = sandwich
  • Don’t forget me = you forgive me
  • Check mate = exchequer
  • If you repent, I’ll make your name great = the piano maker named Greg

Amanda Grace often says “the spirit of the Lord this day.”  It comes out so garbled every time it completely foils any understanding of the parts of the prophecy in between those words.

  • prophets=profits
  • giant of a man = jaws
  • anointing= annoying
  • he was killing men = he was telling moment
  • Goliath and David = the pope’s lipstick
  • fell forward=soulful
  • stripped armour=stinking mothers
  • I ran him down = lying down
  • he wouldn’t forget=he won 5
  • teaches my hands to war=teachers money is the war
  • O come on now = Oklahoma
  • altar of incense=author of essays

Even in the natural there is no excuse for such a poor translation, so it had to be the scramble machine of God. Foreign agents will not be able to plan against God’s people or God if they are trying, bravely, to translate these English words into anything recognizable as instructions or advice.

When I taught in China I learned this – that Chinese teachers of English pronounce things so badly that even after 9 years of English the best educated student is not able to speak English, and because they are often taught by people with a British accent, they are even more disabled listening to American twangs and southern accents. Then there is the American penchant for idioms and slang.

If you want to know what God is saying, check out YouTube. I’ve been keeping track of a number of prophets for 6 months so far. A list of prophets who are reliable is at this address:

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