Truth is Never Personal – Truth is Always Personal

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Modern thinkers have lost those concrete absolutes in the universe, whether it is in outer space or the inner man down to the tiny invisible DNA which identifies us all. It is easier to muddy the waters of truth. It is easier to agree with those who say some unable-to-be-proven billions of errors produced the world we have today than to argue about creation.

If there were no absolutes not one trip to the moon would be possible, that is, the round trip voyage. It is always possible to go one way! The absolutes in our universe make possible the trip back home.

Orrery – How the planets revolve around the sun, in perfect timing.

God simply says, We all know this in our inner man.

Romans 12:3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

If people continue to deny what is inside their inner man, we cannot be responsible, so it is easier to dodge the bullet of controversy. The principle of non-confrontation has overtaken all areas of human life supported by fake news and ad hominum invective.

The core problem is that Truth is never personal. To be an absolute is to simply just sit there, in the world of reality, in a non-argumentative state.

As an example, many more voices are now verifying the fact that when Christians say homosexuality is a sin it is not personal to them. It is no more personal than a doctor saying you have cancer. It is a true diagnosis, and in the case of sin, homosexuality is diagnosed a sin by the One who defines sin, God himself.

Efforts to locate a “homosexual gene” have failed. So the practitioners and others who do not want to argue simply deny the science.  This led to transgender manipulation of the physical body.  But when taken down to the base, such operations are like lipstick on a pig.  The DNA has not changed.  Whoever you were is whoever you are, medical procedures not withstanding.

Then we must apply this to every other area of life. Truth stands still, but then it also applies whenever it is contested.

There is no real phobia in what is wrongly called homophobia. No one is afraid of (phobia) homosexuals. Maybe better stated – afraid for. No one thinks ill of a drunk or a pedophile, after all it is just a sin, but we hope and pray they do no evil in public, or create another victim. We only say that their behavior is in total opposition to God, and has no place either in the Church or in heaven.

An old Negro spiritual says, “Everybody talkin’ about heaven ain’t guawn there.” Opinion does not create reality, nor recreate any reality, nor change the nature of things. Talk really is cheap.

Just as no one may call his perversion “a lifestyle” neither can one be a Christian because he or she says so. The Christian person is a creation of his faith which a direct result of an interaction with God. The fruit of a relationship is the Christian not the mere discussion of it.

God gives us the tools to decide what is real and what is the fabrication of the sinful mind. He says, ICB “You will know these people because of the things they do. Good things don’t come from bad people, just as grapes don’t come from thorn bushes. And figs don’t come from thorny weeds.” (Matthew 7:16)

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