What Energizes the Media Hate Machine

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We explain things here. There are many reasons to believe that the three year barrage against anything Trump or Republican, or conservative and now Christian is somehow attached to clear demands of an ever-greedy media’s 24/7 need for salacious the-sky-is-falling news, or better yet “breaking news.”

Or perhaps it is injustice at the local level, strange anti-American doctrines coming from inside the schools, or the immigrants rattling things for their own benefit. Others point to the deteriorating economic conditions of the years 2008-2016 when households lost an average of $40,000 because some people thought a business was too big to fail.

God knows the heart and inner nature of man and how man behaves. The emotion behind the giant hate movement is jealousy. You might not have thought it so. http://Proverbs 6:34 For jealousy is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance.

Jealousy is the rage of a man.

Rage is irrational energy against an individual or group. There is a difference between jealousy, envy and covetousness. Covetousness wants what you have, but does not necessarily want you to lose what you have. Envy wants to own what you own, that is, to deprive you of what you have. Both envy and coveting are relatively passive.

But jealousy is the strongest emotion of them all. Jealousy believes that what you have actually belongs to them by right and energizes them to get back what they think you think you own – but do not.

The Entitlement Mentality

The 2016 election as much as said so. Hillary Clinton believed she was entitled to be president. The Democrats believed they were entitled to the White House and the taxpayer money which they could use at will as they expected to win the Congress as well. Futile attempts to link Russian collusion and Trump failed with a mammoth price tag of $35 million and still counting because they were so entitled they believed no one could have otherwise won without chicanery. What began as deception quickly became delusion and it has not stopped. (To see the link between deception and delusion check here. https://woulduconsider.wpcomstaging.com/2016/02/16/deception-vs-delusion-how-they-are-linked/)

The Seduction of Entitlements

Entitlement includes the sexual revolution; that abortion money – abortion is the largest unregulated industry in the US – entitles them to sex without responsibility or accountability. Entitlements include rights – the right for someone else to pay for your health care, or your housing or your college education. These rights are now so extreme we are asked to accept the assumption that a nearly aborted baby should be allowed to die because the doctor failed to manage the abortion.

Then there is the jealousy over President Trump’s ability to reach people, to turn over his government income as a donation to a needy cause, his obvious popularity, and his ability to solve or work towards the solution of problems that have stumped previous presidents.

If you believe you are entitled to government support for your lifestyle and every whim of course you are enraged. No amount of rational discussion can calm the waters of selfishness. And unfortunately if there is a righteous cause in all this, it is lost in the palaver of media and angry protests which drown out any reasonable argument.

Media people also believe they are entitled

They cite the Bill of Rights Amendment number one – freedom of the press. Unfortunately the amendment does not require journalists and political pundits to tell the truth. As long as they fail to present the news, and whole news, and to leave their opinions out, they will learn that advertising dollars will silently go away and they will have no job, no bully pulpit to the relief of an exhausted viewership. Christians are required to tell the truth, but where are religiously motivated people in the media – anywhere? The Christian viewpoint is largely absent in the public square.

Jeaously is 4,000 plus years old.

We see this jealousy, envy and covetousness in the uninterrupted Antisemitism for 4,000 years, infecting the Middle East as the cause of never-ending wars and internal strife. Militant Islam is the keeper of that emotional flame and that governs everything it does. It is a lust never satisfied.

Since the United States defends the Jewish nation, and has been a long held ally, Americans are on the Islamic hate-list as well. The war against Americans began with Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492, date which coincided with the followers of Allah being evicted from Spain. The Muslims created our calendar and they remember dates. If they want revenge they can go back a thousand years if they want to and get the right date.

We are told that God “is a jealous God.” This means He has the right over His people and His property, and He will protect you and defend you. Unfortunately, many believers, both Christians and Jews, do not know this promise and flounder around looking for help from non-divine sources, when it could all be managed correctly.

Finally the end of that verse above says that vengeance will have its due. It appears that the jealous man will be the one administering the vengeance, but we know that Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. I will repay. The Jealousy which causes so much public grief today will see its judgment in the end.

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