What God is Saying about China

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The Chinese are crying

There is a cry going up from China.  Not just mothers and fathers and families of the earthquake victims, but China itself is weeping and fearful.  There is also anger and rage.  If these people knew where their children were, they would rejoice and praise God.  He says the children are mine. 

Where are all those aborted Chinese babies?

The Lord says he sent the Holy Spirit into the world to comfort and empower.  He is not bound on any printed page.  He is fulfillment of the written word.  He dwells in my people.  My people are a holy people.  A light that is set upon a hill cannot be hidden. 

Sins Exposed

I have shined that light over China to expose her sins to her people and to the world.  I sent my only Son into the world to save China.  Now China has given its only sons and daughters.  The grief of this will endure a lifetime. 

Grief for lost children brings them to their knees

Long ago the death angel visited Egypt, death took the first born of Egypt and she was brought to her knees.  As a result Egypt set my people free.  None of these things should be alarming.  Does not my world say all things come together for the good of those who love God?  Have wisdom, chose your battles carefully.  Do not let Satan chose them for you.  You are at war with legions, and a principality. 

Judgment is Coming

I will take from China what I have chosen to take.  What I have decreed for her, as pertaining to the wine press of my anger, she will drink of it.  Choose your words carefully; this is a time of blame in China.  Remember the word, and they hated me without cause.  Do as my Son did, speak boldly as the spirit leads you but also remember give until Caesar that which is Caesars. 

China is not the Enemy  

All authority comes from me, therefore it is my battle.  Do not war with China; instead pray for reinforcements on the battlefield.  Remember in battle there are battle lines formed to separate the opposing forces.  Again pray for a line of defense between you and Satan’s forces.  Neither can cross this line, your battle line will consist of your faith in my word.  Faith, it is the power of the Church.  The line is not to stop the Church but will be a weapon of defense as you move forward.  A wall that cannot be penetrated. 

How to Pray for China

Pray, put a claim into me for the souls that were to be saved as a result of the theft of my word, that I might redeem them.  I have not given you a spirit of fear or defeat.  Do not forget to be a doer of the word that you send to others.  If you doubt the word how can others believe? 

Pray for the Chinese by name

Be like my Son, love your enemies, forgive in my Son’s name only, therein is the power of forgiveness.  When you pray, pray for the nation, pray selflessly, and pray for souls.  Pray for a nation but pray as for one soul.  I know these people by name and face.  I have loved China and have plans for her, many will come to me.  Remember when the Church is in order before me, I will send whom I will to be saved.  My work is salvation and I have won the war.  Make a new commitment to me, step into my victory.  Draw the line and refuse Satan entry into the works of my kingdom. 

Judge, whether it is a greater sin to steal God’s word and not know it is the word of God, or doubt the power of God’s word when we ourselves have experienced it, since the Church does this quite often.  That is why Abraham was so great, he believed God the first time around. 

For the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joint and marrow, and is a discerner of thoughts and intents of heart. 

2008 When I was a missionary teacher of English in Inner Mongolia, China


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