What I Wish I'd Known at 30

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Learn how to think

People on the whole do not know how to think.  They know what they know and how to do what they do but when an emotional turmoil comes, the buggy comes off the rails. One student thought she looked better in pink rather than green and called that thinking. That is an opinion. Opinions may or may not be thought out.

What is out there includes slander, libel, accusations, polls, statistics, bias, emotions, mind control, deception, lies, delusion, bias, unverified information, cultural norms, conspiracy theories, and sales pitches. All demanding we think about them! Learning what your mind must trash is an urgent need.

And  people who hire and fire are unaware of these incipient problems in personnel, nor do they see it in themselves. When the minister runs off with the piano player they are shocked.  They should not be. It is a pattern of dealing with some other problem, not the one they believe it to be.

What principle do we work under

A man recently widowed told my son “Women come out of the woodwork when they know you are single.” Both men and women may think that their problems can be solved by something that does not solve problems. In the case of men, sex, and in the case of women, having a male around, is the answer to their problem. It is not.

No relationship no matter how positive solved any problem. Quite the contrary. Any new relationship in your life, good or bad, complicates things for you. Another solution is drugs or drink. Again, the cure creates a new disease more damaging than the original.

The search for the “new”

Another principle people cling to is the notion that they need a new (1) job (2) President (3) house or location (4) hobby (5) church or religion (drug or medicine) and I could extend this. I’ve know people who believe their problems are caused by Hispanics, or blacks or white people. I’ve worked with people who think the system they work in is flawed, that the debt level of the nation is the problem, that the water supply is contaminated or that there is a conspiracy to ruin the nation, the state, everything.

Please know that there are conspiracies everywhere at every time. The Catholic church wanted to kill Martin Luther but friends helped him escape. Many of England’s kings thought someone was trying to kill them. That went on for several hundred years and was true. No, the papacy is not your enemy. It is called life.

People get snookered by lies, by promises, by bad checks, by slander and libel. The Bible calls this “the daily evil.”

Matthew 6:34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Life is not an end in itself

Life is the process of preparing for living eternally some place else. Years ago there was a popular song which intoned, “I’m going to live forever.” The lyrics were from “Fame,” a Broadway musical.

You will live forever

Of course you will live forever. It is built into the life you are now living. But where? In China, atheism is the state religion and required if you are a member of the Communist Party.

I was surprised to learn that Chairman Mao, the man who brought communism to China, believed in an afterlife. He bragged about going to a Chinese heaven with Karl Marx and other prominent communist leaders. He talked openly about the Christian heaven for Americans and white people.

When I asked small children what was God’s name they told me immediately, Shang Di, which means the person “Above all,” no different from our American definition.

The belief in an afterlife dominates human kind. But just where will that be? Those are decisions you make here. Blessed is the man who learns that early on.

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