What is the Demonic Principality Ruling Your City?

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At a non-denominational prayer meeting one evening the Black preacher pointed to me and asked, You are a prophet are you not? He was hesitant.  Yes, I said, but I do not discuss it much. People chuckled in the background. I said, I would like to know the principality ruling over Charlotte.

A young man there asked why, and I said I lived in Texas 8 years and the first time I attended a Christian meeting it was boldly announced I was a false prophet. Turned out there was a huge Religious Spirit over North Texas, although the Word of God was boldly and accurately preached there by many, now famous churches.

I went on to describe how this Religious Spirit acted to reject or deny the working of the Holy Spirit in a church, refusal of the gifts, anointing, word of knowledge, prophecy etc. This caused a small controversy and a man said this meeting was for worship not war.  He called it warship.

Well, that is exactly what a Religious Spirt does in a meeting or congregation. I wonder how many people saw this – I am identified as a prophet and my word negated by the very spirit I had nailed.  It was a complete Bible lesson = hook, line, and sinker.

Why is this important to you and me? Because I realized last summer that this ministry would be reaching many of the hundreds coming into the faith in the next few years. The great harvest is on every prophet’s list. Many new believers will not feel welcome in old line churches so others must be ready.

Are you?

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