What the Prophets Say May 1-17, 2021

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Shocking events coming

The Bible says to “war (in other words pray) according to the prophecies spoken over you.” Here is a group of these prayers for you.

This is a 17-day overview of what American prophets are saying about the turmoil politically in the USA which reflects what is happening across the whole world and what believers can anticipate.

Worldwide Revival

The chief message of all the prophets – and we rejoice when they are all in agreement because that verifies their words – is that all the chaos is to delay or halt the revival God has planned for America, and by extension, the whole world. It began on Route 99, Bakersfield CA and is moving East.

Turmoil in the White House

A huge number of angels was recently released from heaven. Angels will shake the world and God be proven in this hour. God will move on the “devils in the White House.” God will restore everything that has been stolen. Several prophets mentioned this. The new revival will be primarily young people. Plagues will come upon Washington DC; flies were mentioned. the Supreme Court will suffer judgment because it denied God’s laws regarding marriage, abortion etc. Satanic rites are hidden – this will be fully exposed to the shock of many. A Spirit of Hitler entered to Washington DC in 1994. Expect miracles from God on many levels.

Kamala Harris sees that she has been “used” and takes the knives in her back and throws them at others in the White House. Timothy Dixon saw Joe Biden in a casket in the White House and said that his body clones are available with videos for public display. A new virus is coming – this one man-made. God is chopping down trees that have refused his will. Trees in the Bible stand for human beings and huge trees, like redwoods, mean prominent leaders.

Trump is being protected

Hatred of Trump is demonic, and those who plot against him will be trapped, like Haman in the book of Esther, in the same trap they made for him. Judgment coming on many and all. Watch the Freedom Tower in New York. Many churches will fold – being called “baskets of compromise.” Both political parties will be decimated and exposed. Canada especially is a “barren spiritual desert.” A new party will come forth. (This prophecy goes back many years and was recently repeated by several)

God’s “end of the year” is October. Expect to see great money-men fall “in one day” publically then. They will throw their money in the streets. Many of the unanswered prayers of God’s people are stored up in bowls in heaven and will be answered. Expect many answers by Thanksgiving.

Judgment on Italy is mentioned often, for its going to China for help. North Korea will seek God. Look for new hope for cardiac patients. God hates dishonest government and loss of trust in government and He will expose election issues in 15 states. The enemy will sow fear and mass hysteria.

Kat Kerr, who often visits both heaven and hell, said she saw Hitler on a meat hook. God is releasing his lightning against specific targets. She also saw Princess Diana and Whitney Houston.

China in God’s sights

In October China will have a fatal, final financial meltdown. Shame will come upon those who congratulated Biden. God does not praise evil doers. Nations such as Kenya across the globe are praying for Americans to win this battle. Kenyans do not have doctored news. Evil media is a “portal from hell” and fake news will come down. Demons are in regular TV. Since it is mostly lies anyway, why not cut it off. Most prophets already have. Lies create an altered reality which leads to a reprobate mind.

China is going after Taiwan. God will bring back leaders, completely change the leadership, Supreme Court, Congress. The White House will be called the Lighthouse. Currency will be reevaluated.

The Last Great Awakening

God’s remnant of faithful needs to come together as they did in the Upper Room. One prophet asks, “Can we handle 1,000 converts a week?” Need home meetings to develop. Quanon is counterfeit prophetic culture. The nature of lust is revenge. “If the church will repent, God will require the thief to return what he stole.” USA 6 trillion in debt. Biden Administration has declared war on God.

God is working. There is an evangelist in Iceland, a preacher in Prague. Revival in Iran and Syria. Pray for Canadian leadership. Prophets urge whistle blowers to come out and tell what they know. This is a federal crime meaning federal prison. Many tapes and videos are available as evidence.

Criminals all coming down and being exposed – Benghazi, Catholics, Epstein, Clinton Foundation, Fast and Furious, the Vatican, witches, Warlocks. Fake news will crumble. Fox News will never recover. General Flynn has a great call of God on his life. November 4th – premature celebration. This will fall down. Rudi G., Lin Wood, Sydney Powell and Jay Sekulow will be used by God. But like Gideon, the ranks of fighters will be reduced so God gets all the glory for the turn around.

God is exposing what leaders thought they had buried. Churches and prayers are halted by enemy work in the heavenlies. Heinous crimes. blasphemy and perversion. Expect exposing of Republican crimes as well. Donald Trump upset the balance of power, exposing snakes, sorcerers and thieves. Many contracts were made to take him out. God said, “I will raise my hand of judgment against Persia (Iran) for harming Israel. Upheaval coming in England. Captains of social media will turn against leaders.

Dominion software was used in 31 states. A curse from God is attached to these companies and actors and their actions. This is from Proverbs. Notice how this stolen election and all the combined other things are listed here, from media lying to sowing seeds of division.

Seven Things God Hates -Proverbs

16-19 Here are six things God hates,
    and one more that he loathes with a passion:

        eyes that are arrogant,
        a tongue that lies,
        hands that murder the innocent,
        a heart that hatches evil plots,
        feet that race down a wicked track,
        a mouth that lies under oath,
        a troublemaker in the family. (sowing seeds of division)

Why is God delaying? He is giving many people a chance to repent. Many will not.

Spirit of Jezebel rules

Spirit of Jezebel is a topic of interest to all the prophets. Jezebel is famous for silencing (murdering) the prophets, and she exalted 850 false prophets which she fed daily at her table. What a dinner bill! She is the prime motivation behind the fake news and the censorship in social media and other places. Jezebel says, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” That means truth, especially unpleasant truth, is shut down. You see this on Facebook all the time. FB has software which searches out the negative and then prevents those messages from going further. Jezebel ruled with false authority, using sexual seduction, even in the churches (LGBTQ) to contaminate the message of the gospel.

Duck Duck Go – The engine which does not censor your searches

Many prophets have mentioned this search engine specifically as your place to find what you need to know and what is being hidden from public view.

God made family members, not church members

The Church in Atlanta must shift to the gifts of the spirit. There will be 3 tornadoes in Atlanta close together. Chuck Schumer tried to bring down curses on Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. Watch Israel – if it gives away any land this is a sign the AntiChrist is coming. America will resist the AntiChrist and recognize it. Special words to the Mayor of Nashville, to reclaim Nashville for God. If not, the city will lose is position and its call will go elsewhere. God is visiting political leaders now. The Red Sea is about to close down on the evildoers. God’s people will be vindicated. The culture will change radically but fearful churches will not change or be included in the move of God. God did not make church members- He made family members. Billy Graham made converst but then the churches were supposed to make disciples, and did not.

Indictments are out there, in the thousands – and military tribunals are hearing cases, with apparently little or no publicity. There will be blackouts in Arizona and Oregon. A river will run like blood. These are warnings. Expect exposure of child trafficking in Pennsylvania and New York, including ministers who have hidden money. Atlanta is being judged too. Local people have had it and are fighting back against local politicians who are changing culture to accommodate evil. God is using Biden to discipline believers and get them to move to retake the right to worship freely. Biden sent millions to Hamas funds which are now being used to pummel Israel with missiles.

Real Israel today.

Why is this important? Genesis 12:3 Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed; whoever curses Israel will be cursed.

Every one of the proven prophets agrees on the quick return of Trump to office. But now they’ve predicted 8 more years for President Trump not 4. “The people will demand it.” Many prophets also repeat the passages on Dagon, the god who promoted child sacrifice (abortion) and his public exposure and demise. What is coming with restoration is that cures for diseases that have been deliberately suppressed will save thousands. Babies conceived in 2020 will live 115 years because of health changes. Drug companies suppress cures so they can continue to sell pharmaceuticals. Trump will end this. One third of the planet is now Christian. Beware of the effort to destroy private schools.

That is all for now. Prophecies garnered from Dutch Sheets, Deb Williams, Timothy Dixon, Hank Kunneman, Kent Christmas, Bonnie Jones, Lance Wallnau, Kat Kerr, Nick Fleming, and Amanda Grace.

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