What to do if you are facing Mediation/Divorce

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Consider this situation – a man and his wife, married 18 years, have separted and both know there is no hope for this marriage. One of them is not a Christian but that hardly matters at this point. The second, third, and fifth miles have been walked – futily.
So one of them wrote this letter and presented it before the mediation meeting they had scheduled. Both were afraid the other would make a scene, or be unreasonable, or accuse. You can use this letter if you want to – no copyrights. Just fill in the blanks, email or snail-mail and be sure to have a paper copy before you go into mediation. See what happens.
Here is the letter:
Dear _________________
When you and I married years ago we never planned to fail. But – it happened. We are both sorry and we can move on.
However, we have ____ children to raise for 18-20 years and someday on the other side of the grave God will ask us to give an account for how we raised them. That is why we are in Mediation. It is not about us anymore. It is about them.
I know you love your children and want them to be happy, confident and successful adults. What we decide today will lay the foundation for their future.
Please join with me to do the right thing by them.
(your signature)
Now let me tell you what happened here. On the morning of the mediation every single issue was solved without rancor or controversy. God is good.

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