Prophecies for America August to January 2020

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How to conduct war with music.

The prophets have spoken. Dozens of them. Prepare for war in the streets, foreign soldiers, financial troubles. If you prayed for the Rapture, this is not it. If you think this are bowls of wrath from Revelation, this is not it. Enemies of the west, of democracies especially have been fleecing America for generations and that has all suddenly stopped. 

In addition many nations, especially Russia and China, have egregious domestic problems, like drought, native protesters, and plagues including Covid-19.  Another engineered disease is on its way to us all. 

There will be a double rainbow over the White House. There are photos of single rainbows already ,but no double one. This will indicate two promises from God for the future.

Rioting in our streets looks like a protest march. It looks like a black power movement and police corruption. It looks like inner city turmoil over joblessness and poverty.

It is not.

It is the open, public and unashamed long-range plan of the demonic world to take over the USA and make it a chattel state of the kingdom of the Devil using the carnally-minded populace as a front of deceived voters. It has as its agenda:

  • the removal of a pro-law President -Donald J Trump
  • the packing of the Supreme Court with pro-gay and pro-abortion judges
  • the continued dominance of the House of Representatives in Washington D.C.
  • the entry of new, pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-lawlessness, pro-drug use Senators
  • the opening of all borders to anyone from anywhere, which means massive amounts of criminal elements plus disease and crime in general
  • the closing of churches, or at the very least the silencing of opposition
  • the shift of tax money from legitimate public business to transfer payments for those who do not work and who do not intend to
  • the total censorship of major social media – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook
  • the total control of all major newspapers and television stations

The Kingdom of the Enemy has already a long track record. How will they do it?

  • In Romania during the Soviet era they kept order in schoolrooms by drugging the students. Drugs under the new order will be free and available to all.
  • Babies and small children of both sexes will be available to sex addicts on demand. (This is already happening in Indonesia.) The babies die after their internal organs are damaged.
  • In far West China, today, now, Muslim dissidents are killed and their organs sold on the hospital market. The problem is so severe the crimes were presented to the World Court where the issue will languish, if past experience is any guide.
  • China already has a program to deal with people who challenge the system. An estimated 40,000 each year are eliminated as “enemies of the state.” I’ve been told it is by firing squad.
  • The takeover of the American school books has already occurred; true history had been replaced with what they wished had happened. For example, “Columbus was not a nice person.” On the contrary, he was a Christian missionary. Otherwise, he’d never have received the money from the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella for his three little ships.
  • Forced abortions will return, not for families who agree with the system – only conservatives, Christians and if any are left, Republicans.
  • Transgender operations will be paid for by public money and forced, if necessary, on the unwilling.
  • We’ve seen what a virology lab can do when a pandemic virus is let loose. Maybe by accident last time; perhaps on purpose the next time. This gets rid of a lot of people quickly and without causing any “important person” to be held accountable.
  • Rape, murder and incest will no longer be either a crime or a sin. Churches will not disappear; they will simply use a different Bible. They are already required to do that in China. (I’ve written about this at length.) Pastors will be told what to teach and preach.
  • Children will not be allowed to be schooled at home. All education will be controlled by the state using their version of every curriculum. China has done this for 80 years. Most Chinese adults are totally ignorant about the West, sociology, religion, history and political philosophy.
  • The removal of Christians from public life will be praised as a way to install “Reason” as the guiding principle of all life and decisions. Christians and Jews, by insisting on a Higher Power, are holding society back from its full potential.
  • Witchcraft, pornography, sex positions, and sex with animals plus magic will be taught in the schools as is sometimes the case, e.g. porn queens in libraries.
  • Christian books will not be burned but withdrawn to private libraries and labeled “porn.” This happened in China.

What will happen to the dissidents? You can imagine. Presently all the opposition is little more than “fighting in the flesh,” changing laws, changing budgets, removing statues, and statutes, public apologies and mea culpas, or bowing to demands that cannot be met.

For example, it is impossible to define when racism is gone, so it is not a viable enemy. Racism is little more than a word which means: “You are a racist if you don’t agree with me.” That makes racism an opinion.

Real fighting is done in the spirit…fasting, prayer, worship and celebrations of the lordship of Jesus and the Father. Our nation today has many warriors – black, white and Latino- and even a new growing element, former Muslims and Asians from across the Pacific Rim, led by Koreans – believing God for massive changes, and a final chance to silence the enemy and his angels before “the great and terrible day of the Lord.”

It is a war made up entirely of volunteers. Are you one of them?

More warfare music. Keep this on your computer when you are working. It warns the enemy that you are on duty, a line he may not want to cross.

1 hour and 44 minutes

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