Why Good People Do Not Tell the Truth

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Failure to Confront is the sin of the church. And the result is compromise with sin and that leads to not telling the truth. Failure to confront sin shows that churches do not really care – since confrontation must come from caring.

A caring congregation is something I have infrequently seen.  There is a social, off-hand kind of caring but not the kind that encouraged your being truly involved with people’s lives.  They will say, “I’ll be praying for you,” as though that was going to solve problems. It certainly is a start but hardly goes beyond that. 

Personal problems have deep roots. A sexually abused young boy is not going to be a good Christian man without sincere input from the males in the congregation and a long period of teaching and faith building. Without that he will be confronting his problems alone, or with the help of Demon Rum.

Rejection of People in Need

A separated and divorced person, either male or female, is assumed to have nothing to contribute and only after reconciliation then perhaps they may be accepted and “cared for.” Since reconciliation is usually unlikely, the divorced person must find fellowship elsewhere with a new body of believers. The results for the past 50 years is the rise of non-denominational, mega-churches focused on worship and practical teaching.

I’ve discovered as I have discussed with people – why did your marriage fail – they always came up with the wrong answer. Not just occasionally but always. Maybe they believe no one will stop and listen – or care – or perhaps even argue over the reason you gave. No one wants that.

Legalism is the cloak that churches wear to keep members separated from real ministry.

I’ve heard unthinking people say, “But John is such a nice person.” Of course John is a nice person – for one hour a week at church, or even eight hours at his job. But that is not the person we are talking about. Or the wife can be the most beautiful woman in the congregation – on the outside.

The Natural man receives not the things of the spirit of God.

It is much easier to say – oh, he drank a lot – rather than to get down to the spiritual reality. And people are afraid of anything transparent.  We want to wear our secular clothes in church. And God does not want us taking sides anyway. Another person’s marriage is not our business. God alone can be the Third Person in a marriage. Anything else is adultery and too many of us get involved in that by expressing our opinions.

Men are to discipline men

God set it up to require men in a congregation to discipline other men. It worked in the Jewish community. And the Rabbis knew that the man’s wife was not the person to “get him saved” or to turn her husband’s life around. God does not give the salvation duty to humans – He is in charge of that.

Confrontation, correction and faith building is the job delegated to other men. Christian churches have failed to do that. In fact, usually churches blame the wife when the marriage fails. Protestant churches are largely managed by males and they do not want to alienate the men in the church. They, meaning the pastors, need friends too. If you start disciplining males all of them might pull up stakes and leave, taking their tithes with them. You can hardy blame them.

On the other hand, the modern Protestant church, that is a Biblically founded one, is supposed to have five leaders in charge, not just one person. The Super Hero Pastor almost always gets into trouble of some kind. Big Cheese Leadership is not what God intended for his church.

The future is the Kingdom of God

Great changes are coming in what God calls His people to do. The kingdom model is on the horizon and things will change because the old way has allowed sin to enter the camp and take up residency. God has called us to peace, and the church members either as individuals or as groups have a call to bring peace to the members’ lives and their church groups as well.

God is seeking Sheep and Goat Natons

God is leading the modern church into the salvation of nations not just individuals. The game plan is different and more challenging. Billions are coming into Christianity from the Pacific Rim and the Middle East.

The solution to the disappearing church is obvious – it is always God’s will which we must follow, or suffer the consequences for both individuals and congregations.


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The Ministry of the Watchman – An observer on the wall sharing a report of what God is seeing and doing in the world at large and also in the congregations of His people. Cornelia Scott Cree, Watchman, Change Agent, Essayist.

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The Ministry of the Watchman – An observer on the wall sharing a report of what God is seeing and doing in the world at large and also in the congregations of His people. Cornelia Scott Cree, Watchman, Change Agent, Essayist.

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  1. I am indebted to my classmate Marcia Ruth Anderson and her doctoral thesis for this revelation about the importance of confrontation with caring.

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