Welcome to a modern, and different interpretation of the mind of God and His word for worldwide English readers through analyses of government, culture, politics, education, art, science and history without concern for denominational opinion, liturgy or practice from an unexpected angle.

ThePoachedEgg.net does the same thing I am doing. In a modern context they report what Man thinks about God; I report what God Thinks about man. They start with the natural; I start with the spiritual. When you open up their site it says Christian worldview.  Mine should say God’s view of the world.

ThePoachedEgg.net has a largely male readership and so do I. They ask men to change their minds; I say let God change your mind. We are both right of course, because only a changed mind leads to changed behavior which in turn leads to a changed life. Human beings all seek a changed life but are unwilling to change to actually do it.

I respond to issues about life and love as God’s voice today. I tackle tough problems to reach worldwide readers, 61% men. Think of Charles Krauthammer speaking for God, but maybe with more humor.

♫  The Bible is a collection of 66 books over a period of 4,000 years. If there are any flaws, they have been largely worked out. It is the foundational document, and must be rightly understood.

♫  Each post is fairly short, usually under 800 words.  People are busy and explanations of an invisible God need to be concise and clear for meditation and thoughtful consideration. You do not gulp theology.

♫  We invite questions. The Bible is explained, not explained away.

♫   We look at truth as we sit on God’s shoulders, not down at the level of man, his problems, and his doctrines. From this vantage point, all information and revelation is available to us as long as we are prepared to live at the level of our revelation.

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