The Quesadilla Maker

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and a Lesson in Jumping to Conclusions

One Christmas I happened upon quesadilla makers on sale. They were in the original boxes at WalMart so I picked up two, one for each daughter, mailing them off as gifts. And thought nothing more of it. From that Christmas on one daughter was angry at me, not for months but for years. I didn’t know what it was all about so I just shrugged it off.

Many years later when I, as an elder, was living in her house I noticed the quesadilla maker in a closet. I asked her how she had enjoyed using it since she loved Mexican food. She said she wouldn’t use it since it was already used. I opened it up and she was right. It was used and no one had cleaned it. I had purchased an used item from WalMart, never suspecting what was going on.

Lesson 1: If you buy something do not assume it is new. It did not occur to me to look inside because I thought – and I was wrong – that WalMart removed returned items from the sales floor.

Lesson 2 – My daughter never told me about the used appliance.

There are people out there that do not know a great deal. Some think their Christian church is Christian and it is not. One denomination says that Lucifer is Jesus’ brother. I cannot think of a worse doctrine than that.

Many foreign nations have no knowledge of God, salvation or heaven. In China they tell people that when they die they go to a Chinese heaven. Sorry, there is heaven and yes, your relatives will be there, but heaven is a big place and your neighbor may be a Swede. (See videos on YouTube by Kat Kerr who has been to heaven many times and knows the fine details.)

People travel with a guidebook which tells you all kinds of common sayings. I mentioned something to a bus driver and he thought I was propositioning him! A guide interrupted, asking me what I had said. I picked up my little book and read right from it. I thought I was asking for something general. Horrors! Who knew???

Democrats for years said, ‘the party was good enough for Grandpa so it is good enough for me.’ Decades later they woke up to the fact that this party has become a supporter of everything Grandpa did not want for his country. In all fairness, Republicans talk stuff they do not practice as well.

Pentecostals after the turn of the century (1900) found God’s promises on the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Some rushed off to the mission field without knowing the language where they were headed. They could speak in tongues but not a word of the language of the country where they were living. Alas, they still spoke only English and they came home.

Don’t travel to China if you are sick. They have censors in the ceiling of the airports to detect who might be sick and you’ll be stopped.

I knew a woman who received in the mail a form to pay her income taxes. She said she thought the US government got quite enough of her money and threw the paper out. Mistake!

Life is about what we don’t know, so spend your life learning,


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