2,600 year old Contract on the Jews

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History does not, in this case, merely repeat itself; it is still very much in effect. 2,600 years ago in Persia (modern Iran) an egotistical political figure managed to engineer a way to destroy the entire Jewish people.  His name was Haman and he met an appropriate death – by hanging. gallows-858572__340 His contract, however, is still in effect today.  Iran still intends to destroy Israel and everyone in it, and such was the message of Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

Haman’s plan was foiled, and it will be again as God has made it clear –  Israel is Forever.  Fi e years ago feckless President Obama became a subsidiary agent of this contract of death by naively believing that Iran has only a need for utility power, and not obvious revenge on a tiny nation the size of New Jersey.  There is no evidence that Iran has changed its political goal of the total annihilation of tiny Israel. If anything it is much worse now that Iran is suffering from its aggressive policies towards the rest of the world. Iran promises have not turned out to be genuine.

There is no real context here.  The word of God says this clearly;

“The word of God abides (stands, endures, is in effect) forever.”  (Isa 40:8)

Iran may not like it; the nations may wish to change it but God will save His People.  He promised it and 10 million years from now His word will endure when not one other word can be found.  Israel will be saved as God promised when all other worlds, nations and leaders have perished.

The Queen Esther of 26 centuries ago came forward to challenge the death sentence and the King listened to her; today thousands of Americans, a new Queen, the Church of many Christians, is praying for the salvation of Israel, and so it will be.

Here is how God solved it back then.  He made a ruling that the Jews’ enemies would be destroyed, instead.  We can fully expect Him to do the same soon.

So you see, the saying “what goes around goes around” is not so new after all. The punishment fits the crime.

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